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AFL Footy Tickets – Not Just a Ticket

When you buy an AFL Footy Tickets, you hold in your hand not just a ticket, but a key. A key to a world of thrilling and fast-pace adventure that will leave you drained and voiceless.

There is no stoppage of action. Players run, punch, kick, tackle, check, leap and block their way up and down the oval field trying to outlast the opposition.

Each score is a mini-feat in itself. One 30 second span can have 4 turnovers, 3 tackles, 2 marks, a handful of change of directions, and a 50-meter kick that drops your jaw and freezes time until it soars through the uprights.

AFL Footy: “Goodness Gracious, Matey”

The roar of the crowd can be heard from miles away. But, if you bought AFL Footy Tickets and are inside the stadium, you may not hear it above your own primal shouts. An AFL Footy Ticket is not for the meek.

Team colours are brazenly displayed on the face of kids, scarfs, shirts, hats and tattoos. Songs are sung, and flags are waved. Fanatics behind the goal put their heart into trying to help their home team by waving flags in attempts to distract the opposing team’s players.

Good natured bantering is widespread throughout the arena and a few people get set for some light wagering (which is legal in Australia).

AFL Footy Tickets give you access to a happening of total immersion. You just won’t be able to help yourself from getting caught up in the exhilaration.

With AFL Footy Tickets, you get the real spirit of Australia. For 120 minutes people leave their daily concerns behind and unleash the passion that is totally Australia.

They dine on Four n’ Twenty Pies, drink the local ales, talk like they would to family members, and transform into the very essence of an Aussie Footy Fan.

Many games are hosted at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – the 10th largest stadium in the world! For 164 years it has been a hallmark of Australian Rules football and is considered the spiritual home of the sport. Before game time you can stop in and see the history of AFL at the National Sports Museum. There you can see the important part Australia has played in the world of sports.

You get all this and more when you purchase AFL Footy Tickets!

Experience Sport as It Should Be 

If you like to watch soccer, rugby, American football, hockey or basketball then you will love an AFL Footy match – because the best of each of those sports are on display when you purchase AFL Footy Tickets!

These are some of the best well-rounded athletes in the world today. Strength, agility, endurance make-up a good Football athlete – the greats have that and more.

AFL Footy Tickets are great as a gift, prize, reward or a day of self-indulgence. They are the symbol into everything that makes Australia great – history, passion, culture and warrior outlook.

AFL Footy – starts with a bounce ends with an experience of a lifetime.

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