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AFL Tickets Are a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays

You want to see an Aussie rules football fan jiggle like a bowl full of jelly this Christmas, watch what they do when they open an envelope filled with 2019 AFL tickets. Nothing will excite them more than knowing that they’ll be attending a match with one of their favourite AFL teams. Here’s why AFL tickets, make the best stocking stuffers this holiday season.

Buying Tickets Early Gets You the Best Seats

As the new March season approaches, fans will begin to buy up the best AFL tickets. Sure, there might be AFL tickets still available a few days before any given match. However, the best solution to get great seats is to buy your tickets early.

There are a number of stadium grounds across Australia that play host to AFL matches. If you get your favourite fan a set of AFL tickets, consider seats at the oldest stadium. The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the oldest venue and is also the host site for the Grand Final.

Four AFL teams play their matches at the MCG. However, Docklands Stadium plays host to the most squads, five in all. One of the more unique venues is the Adelaide Oval. Adelaide and Port Adelaide play their home matches at The Oval. Imagine the elation opening an envelope with a ticket to an AFL match at every one of these footy grounds.

Make the most of your day

When you already have your AFL tickets months before the first game, you can plan your day ahead of time. Knowing you won’t have to wait in line to get a ticket for the big match, you can relax or enjoy a pregame dinner.

If you really want to throw a surprise in your gift, include a trip to Jiangwan Stadium in Shanghai. Beginning in 2018, St. Kilda and Port Adelaide will play a three-year series at this historic stadium. There is nothing like a weekend away in Shanghai to go with your gift of AFL tickets.

The top matches of 2019

Giving the gift of early tickets to AFL matches means you’ll get to see all the new faces. Teams change players and newly drafted stars are ready to shine. Ordering tickets ahead of the early-season rush will let you pick what you feel will be the top matches.

Richmond fought their way to the top of the 2018 final ladder, but it was West Coast Eagles, who took the Grand Final to hoist the Premiership Cup. These two squads won’t battle until next August in the 22nd round of the 2019 fixture, but what a holiday gift to find tickets to this Grand Final rematch.

There are a few great reasons to gift AFL tickets this holiday season. You’ll get first chance on some of the best seats, plus you can plan a whole outing around watching a match with your favourite AFL team.

When the first siren sounds, every AFL team has dreams of hoisting the Premiership Cup in 2019. The more tickets to AFL matches you give the more chances to see the team that might earn that honour. Now is the time to get the best tickets. Stuff a stocking or fill a box with AFL tickets, it will be the best gift an AFL fan will open this holiday season.

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