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Why AFL Tickets are a Great Buy

The Australian Football League Premiership is the highest level of professional Australian rules football. Fans can share in the excitement of the elite levels of the sport with purchases of AFL Tickets from Ticketblaster.

Why Buy AFL Tickets?

Australian rules football is the most popular form of football in Australia, and one of the continent’s favourite sports, along with cricket and swimming. The sport is also often known as footy, Aussie rules, and football. Its highest level of competition is the 18 team Australian Football League. When fans and supporters buy AFL Tickets, they can see Josh Kennedy and Lance Franklin lead Sydney Swans against their rivals, including the sides West Coast and Greater Western Sydney.

What Will You See 

Australian rules football is played on a large oval field, typically a repurposed cricket ground. The ball is also oval shaped, and the object of the match to advance the ball through the goalposts at opposite ends of the field. No more than 18 players per team may be on the field at the same time. There are no set positions in Aussie rules football, as there is in soccer or baseball.

The ball may be propelled in any direction by striking it with the foot, a closed fist, and the open hand. A player cannot grasp the ball without risking a penalty. However, the ball may be advanced by running with it, provided the player dribbles the ball at least once every 15 metres.

When the ball is kicked between the goalposts cleanly, it is worth six points. The goal umpires point their arms forward at elbow height when six points are scored. This signals the score to the competitors and the fans who have purchased AFL Tickets to sit in the stands. When the ball is propelled through the goalposts with anything except a foot, it is worth one point.

AFL Makes Communities Stronger

Historically, AFL sides have played in smaller suburban stadiums, creating a strong link between the neighborhoods and the club. This is often the historical genesis of some of the strongest rivalries in Aussie rules football. More recently, the Melbourne neighborhood clubs have moved many of their home games to Melbourne Cricket Ground in order to sell more AFL Tickets.

One of the hottest AFL Tickets each year are the matches between bitter rivals Carlton and Collingwood. The clubs are located very near each other in the suburbs of Melbourne, and supporters of each side often come from different walks of life. The rivalry, which makes this match one of the premier AFL Tickets each season, is especially heated because they have met six times in the championship during the 121 year history of the league.

Each season of the AFL Premiership culminates in a grand finals series where the top eight teams compete in a final eight series of matches contested over a two week period. The Grand Final to decide the winner of the Premiership Cup is typically played at Melbourne Cricket Ground each September. This final match typically sells over 100,000 AFL Tickets.

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