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All You Need to Know About Collingwood Magpies Tickets

Collingwood Magpies Tickets enable you to watch an exciting game between Magpies, as it is nicknamed, and another AFL team in any of footy’s high-end stadiums in the country. The team commands a huge following of loyal fans thanks in part to its history of exemplary performance and the popularity of Aussie Football Rules in the country. Magpies club uses Holden centre, a modern training facility as its home ground.

History of the Collingwood Magpies 

Founded in 1892, Collingwood is the largest and most renowned club in Australia. It has also won a total of 15VFL /AFL premierships and has battled more grand finals than any other club in the league. Just recently, in 2018, the team finished second and has as a long and proud history of competing in the AFL finals. Ever since its inception, fans have constantly bought Collingwood Magpies Tickets regardless of the exact location the team is playing. The experience you get watching the team play is well worth the money you pay for the tickets.

Where to Get Tickets

Ticketblaster sells the tickets irrespective of the stadium the team is set to play. So, simply visit the website, check AFL schedule and proceed to order the tickets. The platform takes pride in having the largest number of seats not only to Magpies matches but also to all other major games as well. It sells tickets to the most attended matches involving other notable teams in the Australia Football League in any stadium across the country, including the hyped Melbourne Cricket Ground. The platform also charges competitive prices and hence ensures you always get value for your money.

Great Players

The club has produced great Aussie Rules football players over the years. Those who have done exceptionally are listed in the club’s coveted Team of the century. Named the best team in history the group comprises of 21 players. The present head coach is Nathan Buckley who has been awarded AFL life membership and has played 300 official matches since his debut in 1992. The players are selected by a panel of experts comprising legends that include Ron Richard and Kevin Rose.

How to get tickets

Given their loyalty, fans are willing to brave weather elements to get a seat in the playground. However, the number of people who camp out for any Magpie match that precedes the final tends to be higher than that which camp out for the final. The reason for this scenario is tickets to finals are handed out through ballots. Members of the clubs that are competing at the finals are given between 16000 and 40000, with the remaining seats being availed to footy fans through ballots. Not all fans wishing to attend can get a spot at the grand final venue.

Collingwood Magpies Tickets guarantees you a seat in a match between the famed Magpie club and other AFL teams. The club showcases a wonderful class of play guaranteed to enliven your evening. So, visit Ticketblaster’s website and buy the tickets now. Take your loved ones along and they will never forget the experience they get watching this popular footy team.

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