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Australian Football and Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets

The national game of Australia is Australian football. Even though this is the formal name, the sport has other names that include Footy, Aussie Rules, and AFL. Beyond the country’s boundaries, the sport is played by expatriate Australians. North America and Europe are some of the places where AFL is played. Back in 1996, Footy became the number one sport by being the most attended, watched, participated in, listened to, and read about after pushing out swimming, which became second. Other top sports in Australia include cricket, football, rugby league and union, car racing, netball, and golf.

Concession and Junior Policy

The following are 2017 junior and concession policies related to Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets that apply to the purchase of personal public ticketing in the Toyota AFL Premiership Season.

Junior Policy

  • Individuals between the ages of 6 and 14 are entitled to buy junior tickets
  • Five-year-old’s or below are permitted into the stadium without charge but are not allowed to occupy any sits
  • As from January 1st, people aged fifteen years or above are classified as adults, unless they possess a valid concession ID

Concession Policy

  • A person is required to have a suitable form of concession when purchasing Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets. They are also required to display the relevant documents when entering the stadium. Another form of identification like a driver’s license, credit, and medical card is required when utilizing the concession ticket.
  1. A Centrelink issued Pensioner Concession Card PPC
  1. Department of Veterans’ Affairs Card or a card issued by the same
  1. A full-time tertiary or secondary student card
  1. A health care card issued by Centrelink

The Australian Football League is an associate of the Companion Card Program and provides an admission ticket for the crony of the cardholder without any charges. This Companion card can be found in all AFL Venues.

Subiaco Oval AFL FAQ

The following is a list of the most common questions asked about Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets and their answers.

  1. How do I buy Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets?

Look for the guide to seat Prices and browse a list of all available games and then click on the “Tickets to buy now.”

  1. What is the most suitable option for a person planning to attend multiple games this season?

Tickets for individual games can be accessed through browsing the Seat Pricing Guide. For multiple games, the best option is club memberships. Members are also provided with the best value and have access to better seats. You should visit club membership for detailed information.

  1. As a member with general admission, are the seats guaranteed?

Members with general admission can access reserved spaces for one-off games by upgrading their membership status. To access them, you need to enter your membership barcode when buying Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets, and you will have the chance to buy reserved seats, which come with discounted prices from the general public tickets.

Aussie Rules is the most attended sport in Australia. Some of the Australian Footy teams such as the Dockers and West Coast Eagles play their home games in the oval stadium. Subiaco Oval AFL Tickets are easily available from online platforms and offer favourable options for AFL fans.

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