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Australian Rules Football and Optus Stadium: A Match Made in Heaven

​There is no question that Australian Rules Football is one of the premier leagues within Australia. This sport has similarities to rugby, and it is a full-contact sport where players can use any part of their body to move the ball. Obviously, this is a game that is very entertaining, and it has the highest viewership of any sport in Australia, and the Australian Football League is the wealthiest sports league in the country. One of the main things that this league owes its success to would be the Optus Stadium, which is one of the best AFL stadiums within Australia. Just consider some of these remarkable characteristics regarding this stadium:

Optus Stadium is largely considered to be one of the most fan-friendly stadiums in the AFL.

With a capacity of 60,000, Optus Stadium is one of Perth’s main attractions. This large capacity is also one of the components that makes it fan-friendly. Other than that, Optus Stadium has facilities that will cater to everyone, regardless of their age, abilities, or personal experience. Moreover, the entire stadium is ergonomically designed so that you can easily see all the action of any of the numerous sporting events this stadium hosts week in and week out.

Optus Stadium is the home venue for the two Australian Rules Football teams from Perth.

Both Aussie Rules teams from Perth call this stadium home. The Fremantle Football Club and the West Coast Eagles relocated from their original home game location of Subiaco Oval to Optus Stadium in 2018. The Fremantle Football Club is nicknamed the Dockers, and they were founded in 1994 and joined the AFL a year later. They originally played their home games at Fremantle Oval before they moved to Subiaco Oval and later to this prized Optus Stadium.

The West Coast Eagles were established in 1986 and joined the Australian Rules Football League (called the Victorian Football League at that time) in 1987. They were originally located at the WACA Ground Stadium from 1987 to 2000; then they were also at Subiaco Oval from 2000-2017 before also moving on to Optus Stadium in 2018.

Optus Stadium: A Home for All Aussie Rules Football Fans!

There is no question that all Aussie football fans will come to love this stadium. First, they will love that it is ergonomically designed so that all fans will be as close to the action as possible. Additionally, the stadium has high-class LED lighting, which not only gives the home team a distinct advantage, but it helps both younger and older fans alike to see the action during night contests. Finally, Optus Stadium has thirteen premiere seating options, with notable locations being the Club Lounges, Victory Lounges, Terraces, the Sky View Lounge, Coaches Room, and many others.

Optus Stadium: A Great Location for the Players and Staff

The engineers tasked with constructing this top-of-the-line stadium also wanted to design a facility that was friendly to the athletes, coaches and other staff from both the home and visiting teams. They did this in several important ways:

Solid Changing Room Facilities

The designers of this stadium took care to ensure that this facility had plenty of changing rooms. For example, there is a dedicated facility for both the Fremantle Dockers and the West Coast Eagles. Each of these changing rooms has enough square feet to comfortably accommodate up to 50 people. Moreover, the stadium designers were also aware that the officiating crew would perform better if they had their own changing room, so there are two changing rooms for the male officials and two changing rooms for the female officials for a total of four.

Solid Locations for Team Facilities

The team facilities for both the road and away teams are located near the locker rooms, in a place where the fans can watch their favorite athletes warm up and come running out on the field ready for play.

Excellent Coaches Boxes

The Coaching Boxes in this stadium are solid as well. They are located on the third level of the stadium, and each box can hold up to 30 people.

Optus Stadium: An Experience You Won’t Soon Forget

If you get a chance to visit Optus Stadium, it is definitely something you should consider. The energy of your fellow fans will not only be captivating, but the design of the stadium itself will be as well. Luckily for you, there are plenty of venues where you can find Optus Stadium AFL tickets. One of your best options would be Ticket Blaster. Log on to their website today for the best options for Optus Stadium AFL tickets!


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