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Avoid Making these 4 Costly Mistakes when Buying Your Fremantle Dockers Tickets

Planning to buy some Fremantle Dockers tickets for the team’s upcoming matches against other teams? If yes, that great! Here are some of the mistakes to avoid, which could eventually cost you a lot of money.

Let’s get started:

1. Buying Tickets Offline

It is advisable to buy your Fremantle Dockers Tickets online rather than offline. Buying online comes with a huge convenience since you can complete the process without stepping out of the house. Once you check out, all you must do is download and print the tickets, keeping them safe thereafter as you wait for the D-day. The same cannot be said for the offline option of buying AFL game tickets. One of the biggest disadvantages of this option is that you risk losing your personal items to thieves. After all, ticket-buying venues are good hunting grounds for pickpockets, many of who masquerade as buyers.

2. Buying  Tickets at Any Website

There is no doubt about the fact that many websites offer tickets to various AFL games in Australia. While we recommend buying your Fremantle Dockers tickets online, we certainly discourage buying at any website. That is because of the security of buyers’ payment information. For your information, ticket-purchase websites are major targets for hackers many of which have been hacked, losing their clients’ sensitive payment information to cyber criminals.

In June last year, a leading website that offers tickets to a wide variety of events, in the US and Canada got hacked, resulting in the financial details of about 27 million buyers getting into the wrong hands. Though the incidence was hushed up with only a few news sources reporting it, rumor has it that many customers lost not only their financial data, but also actual funds. You should only buy your Fremantle Dockers tickets here because we have put enough safety precautions in place to protect all your details. We have never been hacked or at least tried by hackers.

3. Buying Tickets Using Wifi

Even though we strive to protect all your details and ensure no third party may have access to it, our efforts can only be as effective as the precautionary measures you take on your end. You should avoid buying your Fremantle Dockers tickets, using a public WI- FI, which only gives criminals an easy access to your financial and other sensitive details. According to statistics, the majority of hacking cases stem from the use of a Wi-Fi that is open to all. That is because criminals can view your login details much easier so that they can hack into your online bank account to steal your money.

4. Tips to Buy Tickets

While many websites will not mention this point when discussing some AFL ticket buying mistakes that may cost you simply because they are not sincere enough, we do because we are. Alcohol makes people make blunders when it comes to buying online. Blunders such as ordering more tickets than you need because you are intoxicated and therefore your judgment is impaired will result in you spending more than what you need. Buy and save your Fremantle Dockers tickets before going to the pub.

You should not buy your Fremantle Dockers tickets offline or at any other website that sells AFL tickets. Likewise, you shouldn’t perform a buying transaction using a public Wi Fi or while intoxicated. Otherwise, making any of these mistakes may result in losing money. Good luck purchasing your tickets from us.

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