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The Best Seats for the Upcoming 2019 Fixture Are Medallion Club AFL Tickets

The most avid Australian Rules football fans strive for the best seats to the best games. There is one way to guarantee you get the best seats at both Marvel Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. You need to get your Medallion Club AFL tickets before the big rush next March. Here’s why you should purchase all your AFL tickets early.

Medallion Club Information

As the holiday season unfolds, there are going to be wise shoppers who give their favourite Aussie Rules fan AFL tickets as a gift. There is nothing quite like the surprise of opening an envelope filled with tickets to an AFL match. When you gift Medallion Club AFL tickets, you’ll watch each match from luxurious seats with a panoramic view of the action.

These tickets take on an even greater significance because they’re Medallion Club AFL tickets. Even after the holidays, AFL fans will begin to purchase up the better seats ahead of the 2019 fixture. The number of prime seats for any AFL match drops with every ticket purchased, so the time to purchase now.

Get All the Perks of Medallion Club

Both the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and Marvel Stadium have exclusive perks for fans who have Medallion Club AFL tickets. Marvel Stadium has recently been renamed. The change in name from Dockland Stadium to Marvel Stadium is part of a new partnership with The Walt Disney Company.

Getting Medallion Club AFL tickets to either venue will not only get you great seats for every match you attend, but the following list of Medallion Club Membership perks. The first and probably most important benefit from having Medallion Club AFL tickets your seat inside the Medallion Club.

In addition to your seat, your Medallion Club AFL tickets will get you full access to the Premiership Club Dining Room. There will be a special MC for some AFL matches, plus guest speakers.

Only those fans who have Medallion Club options with their tickets get to enjoy these entertaining extras. Before every match, there is a three course meal. During high time, Medallion Club fans will get a serving of scones with cream and jam.

After the match there will be refreshments, plus you can take advantage of the cocktail specials for 30 minutes following the match’s conclusion. So, not only do you secure the best seats in the house for every match, Medallion Club AFL tickets get you some exciting perks.


Priority tickets for the Grand Final

Since the 2019 Grand Final will be played at the MCG, Medallion Club members will have initial priority for the best tickets. You can actually package other matches from the 2019 AFL fixture with advanced tickets to the most anticipated AFL match in Australia

The 2019 AFL Fixture will open with round one next March. However, the best seats for all the exciting action are going to go fast. The best way to make sure you have the best seat with the most exciting extras is to purchase your Medallion Club AFL Tickets now, before the rush.

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