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Australian rules football can also be known as Aussie rules. It is one of the most interesting games to play and to watch.  It is a contact sport which is usually played between two teams comprising of eighteen players each on an oval shaped field which resembles a modified cricket playing field. This game involves handballing, kicking and running with the ball. It has a distinctive mark where players from any part of the field who catch the ball after it has been kicked is awarded a free kick.

Some of the prolific Essendon players in this game include:

  • Jobe Watson
  • Dyson Heppell
  • • Zach Merrett
  •  Devon smith

The Melbournian’s are known for their excitement causing a demand for Essendon bombers tickets. The Essendon football club Is among the oldest AFL footy clubs in history. This is one of the primary reasons why the fans and spectators gets excited to watch this game and

rush to buy their Essendon bombers tickets for the season. However, they have had recent off field battles, but their historical background is keeping them relevant in the game through this difficult period. They do their intense training at True Value Solar Center which provides a conducive environment so that Essendon bombers can give their best.

Tickets at The MCG

Are you interested in having some real entertainment? If yes, you will need to purchase Essendon bombers tickets to the MCG. MCG is one of the biggest and world famous stadiums which is usually sold out for all major AFL games.  Sports enthusiast who are travelling to Melbourne must include a tour of this iconic stadium. Secure your Essendon bombers tickets before arriving in Melbourne to avoid disappointment. If you are lucky enough to watch a live AFL game at this venue, the thrill and excitement is something that you will never forget. So, make sure you book your Essendon bombers tickets well in advance. The MCG stadium is home to other sports which include rugby, cricket, soccer etc. Essendon football club play many of their home games at the MSG cricket ground as well as at Docklands stadium.

Interestingly, about 45 AFL games are played annually at the MCG stadium. Tickets to these games as well as Essendon Bomber tickets are sold by Ticket blaster. One of the most anticipated games is between Essendon bombers and Collingwood magpies so be sure to book your Essendon bombers tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Interesting facts

The Essendon bombers history dates to the 1880s.The team was established in 1871 This is one of the most iconic and successful clubs in Australian sport history. The following are some interesting statistics about the Bombers:

  • They had their first game in 1872 against Carlton
  • Essendon becomes first Melbourne club to visit Geelong travelling on a ‘football special’ train
  • The bombers were undefeated by any other footy team in the 1893 season
  • They were investigated for using performance enhancing drugs in 2014 by AFL/ASADA

The fans

A survey shows that Essendon had 60818 fans in 2015.In 2016 their fans population dropped to 57494. However, despite this, Essendon have continually worked tirelessly to redeem its former glory which makes the fans thrilled to be part of this dynamic team.

If you want to watch this inspiring and amazing game, you will need to buy Essendon bombers tickets from Ticketblaster.

Ticket blaster supplies tickets to all AFL games, some of them include:

  • Collingwood magpies’ tickets
  • Essendon bombers tickets
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