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Buy GWS Tickets to Watch Some Exciting Footy Matches

The Great Western Sydney Giants, popularly referred to as GWS Giants is a potent Aussie Rules club with a huge fan base. GWS Tickets, from Ticketblaster, your ultimate ticketing platform, gives you an opportunity to watch a brilliant display of Australia’s attractively exciting sport. The club boasts of young, talented and agile players who are always eager to display their great mastery of the game.

Why buy GWS Tickets?

As the club waits for the completion of the multi-billion stadium to be complete, it currently uses yet another magnificent venue Sydney Showground Stadium as their home ground. Previously called Spotless Stadium, the site is located right at the heart of the Sydney Olympic Park Area. While the tickets allow you to watch a spectacular AFL match, the venue, thanks to its grandeur hosts many other sporting events that include music festivals and concerts.

Watch great players

The Giants play off-field games as brilliantly as they play on the pitch. Led by senior players like Shane Mumford, Stevie J, and Heath Shaw, the squad leaves nothing to chance whenever they are battling any of the AFL teams. Emerging players make a huge difference as well; instead of the club recruiting aged superstars, it goes for young players like Tom Scully and Callan Ward whose teamwork and cooperation pay off handsomely.

Learning Life Center

The first thing you notice on the club’s training ground is that it is called the Learning Life Center, which in itself provides a vital life lesson. So, grab your GWS Tickets from Ticketblaster and learn not just about your favourite sport but also get inspired. The Giants have learnt the game well as evidenced by its massive improvement over the years, the players’ personal lives and class of play have improved dramatically. That is a great life lesson you wouldn’t want to miss.

What You Get

They give you a chance to spend time in a state-of-the-minute stadium full of enthusiastic fans that cheer and encourage their favourite players to work harder. The environment and setting are so palpable you will not notice the passage of time. Get the tickets and while away weekends in the company of your loved ones as you watch GWS battle out with another strong AFL team. While at it, interact with the locals and learn a lesson or two.

What Makes the Club Exceptional?

Each player wants the best for his teammates. You will readily notice it on the training ground. They make so much noise while going through their drills. The louder a team is, the happier it is. Thus, the loud noise you hear every morning in the training field is a sign the team is in good spirit. Additionally, every time a player takes a hard kick, say, from the sideline, his teammates sigh and cheer heartily when the ball finally sails through the posts.

There is no better way to experience what the over 15,000 passionate supporters loyally yearn for every season. The number is increasing steadily as the team continually wins against other AFL teams. With the impending completion of a sophisticated stadium, the future for the Giants is brilliant.

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