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Carlton Blue Tickets – Among the most demanded in the history of Australian Rules Football.

The Carlton team is normally referred to as the Blues. This name resulted from the colour of their playing uniforms. Its headquarters are located at Princes Park in Carlton. This is a suburb of Melbourne. The team was founded in 1864 and has consistently performed exceptionally in tournaments.

The Carlton Blue Tickets have been sold since 1897 when they took part in the AFL. In fact, it was among the first 8 participants in the Australian Football League. At the time, the tournament was referred to as the Victorian Football League and was still a major Australian Rules football competition.

Carlton Blues Tickets Demand

The Carlton Blue Tickets are among the most demanded in the entire history of Australian Rules football. From its start, the team has been very successful and currently has the most wins of any team in the AFL. Buyers of the Carlton Blue Tickets have seen the team win 16 AFL premierships. Holders of the Carlton Blue Tickets have also witnessed the taking home of six awards in other tournaments. Before the AFL Carlton Blue Tickets were sold in the Victorian Football Association, which was the biggest league at the time. The AFL was formed from this organization.

At its start, the team had a large fan base. It was highly competitive as the managers tried to get the best players. Carlton Blue quickly grew to be a stiff competitor to the Melbourne Football Club, which was among the best Australian Rules football teams at the time. Before the formation of the AFL, the team took part in local competitions and quickly raised the value of the Carlton Blue Tickets by delivering impressive results consistently. One of these was the South Yarra Challenge Cup. Carlton Blue won this league in 1871.

The team went ahead to sell out the Carlton Blue Tickets in other competitions and won several other premierships before eventually joining the AFL.

The First AFL Season

The team weakened towards the end of the 19th century. It was noted to be one of the weaker teams in existence at the end of the era. Nonetheless, the Carlton Blue Tickets were among the 8 that were sold for the first season of the Australian Football League. The team was position 7 in the league, which was the second-last place.

With a change of management in 1902, the team improved considerably. In the following year, it made it to the finals in the AFL for the first time. Its talent was improved with the transfer of great players from other teams. Highly talented players were eager to join the team because of its reputation. The financial state of the Carlton Blues also influenced players to join them.

Carlton Blues was among the first Australian Rules football teams to have a superstar player. This was George Coulthard. He was an inaugural inductee into the Australian Football Hall of Fame He succumbed to tuberculosis at age 27.

Currently, the team is considered one of the greatest in existence. It is rivalled by Essendon. Presently, Carlton Blue has a women’s team that plays in the AFL Women’s League.

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