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Carlton Blue Tickets gets you into the best footy around

When you are looking for the most exciting Australian rules football, you are going to want to get yourself a couple of Carlton Blue tickets. Carlton is one of the oldest and best teams in the history of the Australian rules football league. Getting Carlton Blue tickets means getting to see a piece of history, as well as getting a preview of what winning footy, year in and year out really looks like. The best news is when you buy Carlton Blue tickets, you can watch one of the best men’s AFL teams but there is also a chance to see the best newly formed AFL women’s teams.

Carlton Blues gets a piece of history

One of the really great things about getting AFL tickets, as well as Carlton Blue tickets is that you are really seeing history come alive. When you purchase Carlton Blue tickets you are purchasing tickets to a team that has been around, in one form or another since 1864.

Back then, the biggest rival to Carlton was the Melbourne Football Club and when you were getting Carlton Blue tickets, you were buying tickets to see one of the best football teams around. While the team was very good before the turn of the 20th century, it improved tremendously in1902. One of the reasons the team became as good as it did was because they managed to get a “secretary” named Jack Worrall. Worrall was someone who was well known in Australia when it came to Cricket. When he came over to Australian Rules football, he ended up becoming the first “head coach” in the league that wasn’t also a full-time player. When the 20th century did kick off, people who bought Carlton Blue tickets were seeing a team that won more championships than most. As we’ve entered the modern era the team has continued to win year in and year out.

While the Carlton Blue certainly has plenty of talented veterans on its roster, the future is now dependent on the new rookies. Whether talking about Ciaran Sheehan, Jesse Glass-McCasker, Alex Silvagni, or Kym LeBois you know there is going to be some real talent when it comes to the young players who are going to try and break through this AFL season. Just which one of the quartet is going to step up and become one of the best around is anyone’s guess but that’s part of the fun in getting tickets to see who does indeed step up.

See some of the best women’s teams in the AFLW

Watching the original Carlton Blue team in action is certainly a wonderful experience but the women’s team is one of the best in their league as well. Now you can get tickets to their matches and watch both teams dominate their opponents.

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