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The Australian Rules Football (AFL) formerly known as the Victorian rules football was invented in Melbourne Australia in 1858. Over the years it has grown to be the most popular game in Australia. The game is played between two teams each fielding eighteen players, and it is played on a cricket ground. The game involves physical contests, fast movement of the ball and players and high scores.

The Carlton football club is one of the eight founding members of the competition. Every year the clubs fan base grows bigger which makes it a task to get a ticket for their home games at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. You should consider yourself very lucky if you land a Carlton Blue ticket this year. But do not worry for we at Ticketblaster have got you covered. sells tickets to all AFL games.

The History of Carlton

The Carlton Football Club was formed in 1864 in Carlton which is located in Melbourne Australia. It is among the foundation clubs of the VFL(Victorian Football Association). Since it was founded, it has participated in 29 VFL/ AFL Grand finals and has won sixteen premiership finals.

This is a record achieved by only one other club, Essendon. Other than Essendon, Carlton enjoys some intense rivalry between two other powerhouses which include Collingwood and Richmond. Before AFL, the club had won six premier titles including two finals in the Victoria Football Association. The club also has a women’s team which participates in the AFL Women’s league. The women’s team was formed in 2017.

Their Players

Craig Bradley who played between 1986 and 2002 holds Carlton’s record of most career games with a total of 375 games. Stephen Kernahan who played between the years 1986 and 1997 and scored a total of 738 goals holds the record of most career goals for the team. Brendon Bolton is the current senior coach of the blues.

While the president is Mark Lo Giudice. Sam Docherty and Patrick Cripps will be the co-captains in the 2019 season. The two will lead the squad of 45 members in the senior list. The current team is one of the strongest squads the club has had in recent times and is an indication of good expectations in the coming season.

Player Symbols

Carlton currently wears a plain navy blue Guernsey hence their nickname the Blues. Carlton ’s song is  “We are the Navy Blues”. They sing it to the tune of the chorus of “Lily of Laguna” sung by Leslie Stuart. Carlton’s play most of their major games at the Melbourne cricket ground. Attending those games is one of the most fascinating things to watch.

The fans singing their anthems, the cheers, the shouting of slogans and the rivalry between the teams makes the experience very outstanding and enjoyable. The game itself is very spectacular since it combines features of both soccer and rugby which makes it even more enjoyable especially for a family fun day. If you have not booked you Carlton Blue ticket, then wait no more.

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