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Across Melbourne, excited Australian Football League (“AFL”) fans have already made arrangements to watch world-class footy this year. They’ll use Carlton Blue tickets to attend exhilarating matches at Melbourne Cricket Grounds and Docklands Stadium. Affectionately known as “The Blues”, the team fielded by Carlton Football Club has established itself in the hearts of millions of Australians. If you ever watch TV or read the newspaper, you’ve certainly heard about this acclaimed football team.

The Navy Blues

Carlton Blue tickets reflect a long, proud sports tradition. The Carlton Football Club received their nickname because the team wears distinctive Navy Blue and White uniforms. Their colours have figured prominently in some of the most historic matches in the history of AFL football. Since 1897, the team has finished in first ladder position in the AFL (and its predecessor, the VFL) on an impressive 16 occasions. It only finished in 18th place once, following a disastrous season in 2015.

The demand for Carlton Blue tickets may rise again this year. Fans appreciate seeing AFL teams rebound and achieve new records. From the Blues dismal performance during 2015, the team has begun a challenging battle to resurge and regain its former position as a powerhouse. Last year a setback occurred. Yet with fan support, the Blues may yet again demonstrate their capabilities. Will they rise in ladder rank to compete for a top position in Finals Rounds soon? Will they attain Premiership status again? Fans fervently hope so!

Let Carlton Blue Provide Hours of Sports Entertainment

Of course, even AFL teams which don’t achieve ladder rank advancements still display amazing football prowess. Your Carlton Blue tickets offer many hours of riveting sports entertainment, win or lose. Fans holding Carlton Blue tickets in Melbourne watch trained athletes display incredible discipline and fortitude. These players excel in their sport.

Cheer the Blues

Yet if you hope to see the Blues return again to the top ranks of the AFL, it helps to attend as many of their matches as possible this year. The support of enthusiastic, loyal fans frequently encourages footy players to achieve stellar performances. Can you picture yourself sitting in the stadium watching Blues games this year? Do you envision returning home in a great mood, after witnessing record-setting AFL play on the field? 

If you want to participate in the thrilling experience of seeing the Blues engaged in vigorous football play this year, go ahead and reserve your Carlton Blue tickets now. You’ll reduce the time you spend standing in queues on game days. Invest in happy hours of dynamic sports entertainment. Perhaps you’ll also give yourself a chance to cheer a Blues triumph once again!

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