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Collingwood Magpies Tickets Provide Family Fun and Excitement!

Australian rules football fans are able to enjoy the excitement of the sport each year. With the popularity of the Aussie Rules game, it has more people trying to get to the live matchup. Plenty of fans are purchasing Collingwood Magpies Tickets in order to see this team out on the field. Not only do they see some great games, but also some exciting individual performances. It provides great fun for individual fans as well as entire families.

Collingwood Magpies bring rich team history

Australian rules football goes back as far as the mid to late 1800s when there were no online means for buying Collingwood Magpies tickets. The Victorian Football League was the first official assembly of teams and arrived towards the end of the century. Originally there were a total of eight teams in the VFL with Collingwood amongst them.

The Collingwood Football Club originally formed in 1892, with a basis in Abbotsford’s Victoria Park. The Magpies continued to make that their home until 1999 when they officially took over at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for their home games. However, over the course of their history, the team won multiple titles. That included winning the first Premiership in the Australian Football League which started in 1990. It ended a 32-year drought for the team in terms of titles.

Since their formation in the early 1900s, they’ve achieved a total of 15 VFL/AFL Premierships. The most recent came in 2010 so it’s no surprise that fans are buying Collingwood Magpies tickets to see their next historic run to the title. In 2011, this team achieved a league-record membership of 71,516 members supporting the club. Tens of thousands of fans still support them today.

Collingwood Magpies present star players

With such a longstanding tradition in the AFL, the Magpies have been known to have some impressive star players on the field. Among the team’s star players are former captain Gavin Brown and all-time goal leader Gordon Coventry. Other players that have been influential in the team’s 90s run are Saverio Rocca and Nathan Buckley.

In the modern era, fans have been able to watch team captain Scott Pendlebury, the team’s active goals leader with 166 for his career. Not far behind him are Steele Sidebottom with 151 and Alex Fasolo with 133. Of those players, Fasolo has been in the league for seven years but has quickly climbed up the stats leaderboard. Other young stars are emerging each year.

In 2018, Sidebottom ranks amongst the top of the league in terms of disposals while teammates Josh Thomas, Jordan De Goey, and Will Hoskin-Elliott are amongst the league’s top 20 goal scorers. The team has managed to stay within the top three clubs for their newest season. Fans are making sure to get their Collingwood Magpies tickets so they can catch these stars and others in action on the field.

Where to buy Collingwood Magpies tickets for games

Buying Collingwood Magpies tickets or tickets for other AFL games is quite easy. One of the best options for finding game tickets is the AFL Ticketlaster website. The site gives visitors an informative display of games organized by team, date, or venue. That makes the Collingwood Magpies tickets very easy to find.

By using this website, fans can easily navigate to the team of their choice such as the Magpies. Once a game is tapped or clicked on, visitors can take a look at the available seats and prices. After choosing the number of tickets, all that’s needed is a payment source and the Collingwood Magpies tickets will be on the way. All that’s left after that is to head out to the venue and enjoy some Australian rules football, courtesy of the Magpies!

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