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Corporate hospitality is an invaluable way to keep clients and partners happy and engaged in the event you choose to attend. From corporate boxes at sporting events to those centred around music or the performing arts, event hospitality helps companies show appreciation for their partners and creates a unique entertainment experience. 

The Value of Corporate Hospitality

Providing a hospitable environment for your corporate event, whether it’s a concert or theatre show or an international sporting match, can be a game-changing detail that directly affects your business. Corporate box experiences, such as those offered through Ticketblaster, create the ideal environment for employees and partners alike to craft memorable experiences. 

As a leader in the ticketing and entertainment industry since 2004, Ticketblaster has provided over 200,000 customers with a premium range of sporting and entertainment tickets and hospitality packages. We understand the importance of crafting special experiences with your important clients and relationships – and specialise in providing phenomenal ways to do so!

When it comes to event hospitality, we know how to deliver. From corporate boxes within arenas to high-end corporate dining experiences, our packages provide exclusive access to spectacular views and luxurious amenities. With a variety of options tailored just for your company’s unique needs, we ensure that everyone enjoys an unforgettable time. 

Why Opt for a Corporate Box?

Events hospitality is becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes throughout a huge range of industries. Corporate events act as a professional yet unique way to reward employees or professional acquaintances with something special. Whether you want your company event to be fun and engaging or remain a formal occasion, corporate boxes are the ideal way to look after your valued colleagues at these events.

Organising corporate events can be a complex process, and it’s important to pay attention to the small details that make all the difference. At an event hosted in a corporate box, for example, it’s essential to create an inviting atmosphere where guests can network, relax and enjoy their experience. A well-planned corporate hospitality package can make all the difference in creating a memorable corporate event. From luxury corporate boxes to VIP experiences, thoughtful touches will ensure your corporate event is talked about for months afterwards.

At Ticketblaster, our corporate hospitality packages (such as corporate boxes at sporting events or concerts) provide companies with a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere from which to enjoy the experience and cultivate relationships. This builds momentum at the corporate level, while also allowing business people the chance to kick back and enjoy each other’s company. 

If you have questions about booking your company’s dream corporate box experience, contact us! Our experienced Ticketblaster team of sales professionals will help you determine what event package is right for you. Additionally, visit our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions regarding our sports and entertainment tickets.


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