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Why Etihad Stadium AFL Tickets Are So Popular?

Two most important things about Sports Entertainment are The Venue and The Teams. And when its football played at Etihad stadium nothing can be a better combination. Watching the AFL teams in continuous action while enjoying the comfort of seating inside Etihad, one can take the best pleasure of the fastest sport. To take experience to an ultimate level and derive more enjoyment from the upcoming games; here’s more information about the renowned Etihad stadium, AFL and its tickets.

Gateway to Tour the World-famous Stadium

Renamed as Marvel Stadium, Etihad Stadium was inaugurated on 9th March 2000. The most striking feature of this area is a retractable roof, which takes about 8 minutes to open and close. Being 38m above the playing surface, it serves as an ideal place for capturing the precious moments of every match. Not just the audience but even the photographers make full use of the roof to get the best views that fit within their lens.

Unlike other stadiums catering to one particular game, Etihad accommodates multiple sports and events. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure deserves a lot of credit for this uniqueness. Besides the most hyped Australian Rules-Football, people grab their seats for enjoying T20 Cricket, Rugby League as well as Union, world-renowned Australian Speedway Grand Prix; besides an array of concerts and festivals. In fact, people in Melbourne call it a sports hub.

Meet the Best Football Teams 

AFL teams are also a part of Australian Rules Football (ARF). The following clubs use the Etihad stadium for various purposes.

  1. Carlton

Founded in 1864, Carlton is a professional ARF club based in Melbourne. In 1897, it became the 8th founding member club of Australian League. Owing to its navy blue jersey, it is nick-named Blues’. Over the years, it has been giving  tough competition to others throughout the league and has won about 16 premiers.

  1. Western Bulldogs

Another excellent AFL team is the Western Bulldogs. Since its inception in 1877, its players have never looked back. The immense strength, stability and stamina of the Bulldogs have earned them two AFL premierships in 1954 and 2016. In 1961, they became the runner up.

  1. North Melbourne

Football fanatics call them the Kangaroos’. Some other nicknames are Roos and Kangas (which means North). It is counted among the oldest football clubs not only in Australia but throughout the world. Till date, it has won 4 AFL series and 6 more in VFA.

  1. St Kilda

Known as Saints’, they are among the most sportive teams in AFL. In 2009, it achieved a minor premiership in the celebrated AFL season. In 2009 and 2010, they also went on to the final rounds. Their red, white and blue-striped jersey is a show stealer.

  1. Essendon

Some say that Essendon was founded in 1872; however, the first recorded match took place in 1873. The professional AFL team has won 16 premierships, at par with Carlton.

How to Get Tickets

Considering the prestige earned by the stadium, the popular teams and action-packed matches, getting the tickets is worthwhile. Good news is that you can easily get your desired seat through Ticketblaster. Together with your friends, family and children, come to Etihad stadium and see how football is improving in quality every day.

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