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Geelong Cats Supply Hours of Football Entertainment

The Geelong Football Club came into existence in 1859. It created the Geelong Cats, a beloved Australian Rules Football team currently ranked as 6th on the AFL ladder. Select your Geelong Cats tickets as soon as possible to enjoy watching exciting footy matches in Kardinia Park. You don’t want to miss a minute of the exhilarating action on the field this year!

Access Exciting Australian Rules Football 

As a tough contact sport, Australian Rules Football enjoys widespread popularity across Australia. This fast-paced game has inspired strong loyalties on the part of fans. If you enjoy seeing adrenaline-charged, highly competitive athletic events, your Geelong Cats tickets will offer some genuinely captivating hours of sports entertainment. Share this experience with family members and friends during 2018.

Watch Talented Players from Many Backgrounds

In addition to establishing an impressive record of achievements in the AFL (the team most recently won the premiership in 2011), the Geelong Cats have assembled a talented team of senior players drawn from across Australia and from some other nations. Your Geelong Cats tickets let you watch the riveting football play of Irish born Zach Tuohy and Tasmanian born Jake Kolodjashnij. Top-rated Forward Rhys Stanley joined the Cats in 2015, after beginning his career playing for St. Kilda. You’ll see these remarkable AFL players, and many others, when you obtain Geelong Cats tickets to watch matches in Kardinia Park this year.

Create Powerful Memories in 2018

As excitement mounts about the ability of the Geelong Cats to advance even further up the AFL rankings ladder, the demand for Geelong Cats tickets will likely increase. The team finished last year in second position, but then suffered disappointing losses early in 2018. Currently, their fans wonder whether the Geelong Cats will rise above the sixth position this year. A single victory could significantly change their fate. Will some lucky audiences witness record-setting AFL football play when they attend Geelong Cats matches this year?

A Long Standing Rivalry

A strong rivalry has existed between the Geelong Cats and the Hawthorn Hawks for several decades. The Hawks presently enjoy the 4th rank on the AFL ladder. The Cats of course maintain a very strong incentive to play as well as they possibly can during the remaining weeks of the 2018 season. Fans will likely want to watch any upcoming matches involving either of these two renowned football clubs closely this year.

If you enjoy AFL games, consider visiting the Ticketblaster website to order your Geelong Cats tickets for upcoming matches and Rounds. You can also purchase tickets for any AFL game online, including tickets to attend Hawthorn Hawks matches (provided seats remain available and have not sold out). Resolve now to enjoy enthralling AFL football excitement!

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