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Four Incredible Reasons to Buy AFL Tickets

The 2019 AFL league season is almost coming to an end with the finals slated for 28th September. As always, the games are much tougher and more interesting to watch even as we wait to see who the winner will be. Now that the AFL tickets for the semi-finals, which are slated for this coming Saturday and Sunday are available, you might be debating with yourself whether to buy some or simply watch the games live on your television.

Four Reasons Why You Should be a Die-hard Fan 

The AFL tickets for the remaining 2019 league games are up for grabs with many people buying. If you have never been to a sporting event, it’s easy to dismiss the tickets arguing that there is no difference between watching the game in-person at a stadium and doing so live on your television. But here is what you should know about catching the games at various stadiums across the nation:

  1. A Completely Different Experience – Why would I buy AFL tickets to attend the sporting events when I could just watch them on my television? If you have never been to an AFL event, it is easy to ask yourself that question and it is totally understandable because, after all, you do not know any better. As someone who has attended numerous AFL events across the nation, I can confidently tell you that watching the game at the stadium is nothing closer to doing so live on your television. The atmosphere at the venue is always a lively one whether it rains, snows or shines. The electricity in the air is one that even your 72 inch flat screen television with the most advanced resolution cannot replicate. It is a whole different experience full of electricity you will never get at home or at your local pub.
  2. Going to AFL Football Events Can Be a Great Way to Social or Network – In case you were not aware, people buy AFL tickets not only to go and catch the game live at the stadium, but also to do other positive things like mingle, create friends and network. Apart from that, a friend of mine has once done a lucrative business deal just by networking with someone at an AFL sporting event.
  3. A Cheap Outdoor Weekend Afternoon Plan for the Entire Family – If an AFL sporting event is taking place at a stadium nearby, you do not have to let your family or partner down simply because it is mid-month and you cannot afford a few tickets to other sporting events. AFL tickets are actually cheaper than the tickets to other sporting events simply because the AFL clubs care about your pockets and want you to enjoy watching their games with your own eyes as opposed to through your television.
  4. You Get to Build Your Self Esteem and Confidence – Low self-esteem and lack of confidence are not innate traits. Instead, these negative traits can be acquired by any normal person as a result of certain factors, including not being accustomed to being around crowds. Buying AFL tickets and attending the games give you an opportunity to get used to being around many people subsequently driving away the feelings of shyness, low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Watch Exciting Semi Finals 

Geelong a very resilient team from the City of Geelong will be facing off West Coast, which is equally a tough team from Perth, this coming Saturday at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Then on Sunday, it will be a do-or-die-now affair for Brisbane Vs GWS at the Gabba in Brisbane. Sounds interesting? If so, hurry and grab your AFL tickets before tickets sell out.

Which AFL Tickets Do You Plan on Buying?

By now, I know you have already made up your mind to buy some AFL tickets for the upcoming semi-finals. If so, which tickets do you intend to purchase? Saturday games tickets or Sunday games ones?

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