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A Brief History of the Collingwood AFL Team 


Don’t have a team to support? If yes, try Collingwood, which are locally known as “Magpies” or simply “The Pies”. The Pies are among the most popular teams in the history of the Australian Rules Football. This 127-year-old team has a long and fascinating history, consisting of eras of dominance and defeat. Eager to learn it? If yes, let’s get started. You may also get your Collingwood Magpies tickets here

The Collingwood AFL team was founded in 1892 in Collingwood, which was then a working class suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. The club participated in the Victorian Football Association (VFA) prior to joining a few other teams to form the Victorian Football League (which is now the Australian Football League) in 1896. Originally accommodated by the Victoria Park, the club played its first game against Carlton in the VFA, losing to their opponents by one goal. 

The Rise of Collingwood

Despite the not-so disappointing start, the players continued to train hard under the stewardship of Coach Bill Strickland, who saw the club win the VFA Premiership for the first time in 1902 before retiring in 1904. The Pies had beaten a team called “Essendon” by 33 points at Lake Oval stadium, (the opponents’ home turf).  The club continued to rise, especially in the 1920s and 1930s, becoming six times Premiership winners and winning up to four consecutive Premierships between 1927 and 1930. Much credit is given to coach Jock McHale, who spearheaded the club for 37 long years between 1912 and 1949 before retiring. Have you gotten your Collingwood Magpies tickets? 

A Temporary Setback for the Pies

As fate would have it, it was not going to be a victory affair throughout for Magpies. Between 1942 and 1944, the club would suffer a series of disappointing losses, winning only two and losing the remaining 12 games in 1942. In 1943, the Pies lost as many as ten, winning only five games. Finally, in 1944, they recorded a disappointing seven wins and eleven losses. 

The Pies Bounce Back

After undergoing some restructuring and acquiring ten new talents, including Bill Twomey Jnr, Neil Mann, Len Fitzgerald, Guy Moore, Allan Brown, Ernie Eifler, the club began to slowly get back on its feet, winning 15 and losing only 7 games in 1945. In 1946 and 1947, the team won 13 and 11 games respectively, losing 8 and 7 games, in that order. McHale retired in 1950 after winning 13 and losing 7 games in the previous year. Since then, the Pies have continued to deliver incredible performance with occasional defeats up to date. For example, since 1952 to date, Collingwood has won the AFL Premiership four times and emerged runners up fifteen times. Get your Collingwood Magpies tickets to the Grand AFL finals here today {insert link} before tickets sell out.

Final Thoughts

The 2019 AFL Grand Final will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on 28 September 2019 and the winning team will be crowned the 2019 champion of the 123-year-old Australian Football League. Which team do you think will carry the day? Is it the Pies given that they were last year’s runners up? Collingwood Magpies tickets are now available.

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