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The Great Simonds Stadium Geelong

Simons Stadium History

The marvellous Simonds Stadium was founded in 1859. Simonds Stadium is part of the AFL, Australian Football League. The stadium is located in Australia at 360 Moorabool Street, Geelong Victoria. The stadium is surrounded by shops and restaurants, so coming to watch a football game makes your trip turn into a nice weekend stay. Some may refer to the stadium as being called Kardinia Park, but it is more famously known as Simonds Stadium. Geelong Cats have been playing football games at this stadium since 1941 and continues to do so to this day. When football games began being played at this stadium, other local stadiums also got involved in the sport to encourage the youth to play the game. When the teams began competing, there was a big difference in skill set. The team that played at this stadium are called the Geelong Cats. After a couple of years, the Geelong Cats began winning competition after competition. There is a lot more history to the Simonds Stadium and it can be found here.

Experiencing the Simonds Stadium

The various reasons one would enjoy going to Simonds Stadium are:

  • Beautiful stadium
  • Easy access and transport
  • Membership opportunities
  • Great games and food

This stadium can hold about 36,000 people. This ensures a great atmosphere. When you become a member or part of the club, you are allotted various benefits. And nonetheless, you are ensured a great game, and food, which can always make your trip more enjoyable. These are just a few of the benefits of coming to Simonds Stadium and watching the Geelong Cats. There are many memories to be made at this stadium.

Geelong Cats at Simonds Stadium

The oldest and first team known for playing at Simonds Stadium are the Geelong Cats. They are part of the AFL (Australian Football League). They are led by coach Chris Scott and captain Joel Selwood who has lead the team for six seasons. They have won many times, with the help of two players, Tom Hawkins and Patrick Dangerfield, who many would say are the top two players on the team. This team has given Simonds Stadium a great name. If you want to know more and follow along with the Geelong Cats stats, you can download the app: Here

Geelong Cats Theme Song

The Geelong Cats are a marvellous team, and they take pride their game and in Simonds Stadium. They are an exciting and skilful team, and this is shown in their song, “We Are Geelong” which goes as follows:

“We are Geelong, the greatest team of all

We are Geelong; we’re always on the ball

We play the game as it should be played

At home or far away

Our banners fly high, from dawn to dark

Down at Kardinia Park

So! Stand up and fight, remember our tradition

Stand up and fight, it’s always our ambition

Throughout the game to fight with all our might

Because we’re the mighty blue and white

And when the ball is bounced, to the final bell

Stand up and fight like hell”

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