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The Growing Demand for GWS Tickets

The GWS Giants is among the most popular Australian rules football teams. It is commonly referred to as the Greats. The club was accepted into the Australian Football League in 2012, and this made it the 18th team to join the league. In its few years of existence, the GWS ticket to the Australian Football League has gained popularity and the team has gained a wide fan base.

The GWS Overview

The acceptance of the Greater Western Sydney football club into the AFL was announced in 2010 by the AFL chief executive. Also, the AFL management wanted a team that was based in Blacktown International Sportspark, and that led to the formation of the club.

The club represents the Greater Western Sydney area and Canberra. It is based in Sydney Olympic Park and uses the Spotless Stadium as their primary home.

The club is very popular in Australia, and that can be seen in the high demand for GWS tickets. In 2013, the team beat the Melbourne Demons, another great ALF club. The GWS tickets have grown in demand as the team has consistently posted impressive results. Their first interstate win was in 2014. The 2014 season also saw them beat another great AFL team-Brisbane. That season purged the demand for GWS tickets as they also had back-to-back wins for the first time in the team’s history. Their thrilling win at Etihad Stadium also raised interest in the GWS tickets. At this stadium, they won against Western Bulldogs.

Best Seasons

After the 2014 season, the team has been improving in performance. In 2015, they finished the season with 11 wins, which was more than they had achieved in previous seasons. The season had many challenges, including several injuries to key players but this did not deter the club from winning the matches. They still managed to beat major AFL teams. Their win over Hawthorne was one of the biggest highlights of the season. With an increased demand for the GWS tickets, the club managed to sell out Star Trek Oval in Canberra.

Their achievements in the 2014 season led to the recognition of their vice-captain as the star of the year. He earned the All Australian honours and the Kevin Sheedy Medal because of the great performance.

2016 was also an awesome year for the team. They finished fourth at the end of the Premiership season, and this allowed them to participate in the Preliminary Final. A notable highlight in the matches was their win over Hawthorn by 75 points. Their matches sold out in Canberra and Sydney as interest in GWS tickets increased. The Qualifying Finals in 2016 was attended by over 60,000 fans. Presently, the team is rated highly on TV stations and other media, and this has also helped to increase its fan base.

The club also has a women’s team, and this is one of the only 8 participants in the AFL Women’s League. It is also the only club in the NSW/ACT. The club continues to acquire great players and professional coaches to improve their performance even further and increase interest in the GWS tickets.

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