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How to Buy North Melbourne Tickets Online

History of the Kangas

Every winter, thousands of Melbourne residents gladly purchase North Melbourne Kangaroos tickets online from North Melbourne football team, popularly nicknamed as the kangas, North or Roos is the fourth oldest club that plays in the Australian Football League. It is situated at the Arden Street Oval in the suburbs of North Melbourne but uses Marvel Stadium for its home matches. The club’s slogan is “Victory Demands Dedication.” The club was founded in 1869 and currently wears white and royal blue uniforms.

North Melbourne was nicknamed as the Kangaroos in the 1950s. It is one of the oldest footy teams in the world today. The 1960s were the club’s most successful years because the club attracted big names in the AFL. They played five grand finals during that period. The beginning of the 21st century was a tough time for the Kangaroos. Moreover, it was during that time that Wayne Carey left before the 2002 season championship began. To watch the Kangaroos live from the Marvel Stadium, you need to buy North Melbourne Kangaroos tickets online from

How footy is played

Aussie rules is a contact sport that is played between two teams each consisting of eighteen players on a modified oval-shaped cricket ground. Points are earned when players kick the oval-shaped ball between or behind the goal posts. During regular play, players can position themselves anywhere in the field and use any part of the body to move the ball. The primary methods are handballing, running and kicking the ball. This is what differentiates footy with normal soccer where only the legs are used. It is a game that features fast movement of players, spectacular marking and regular physical contests. Buy North Melbourne Kangaroos tickets online to watch these games live as they are played in the stadium.

Fans love the game

There is no doubt that the Kangaroos have a massive following in Australia. Thousands of fans every winter purchase North Melbourne kangaroos tickets to watch games live at the Marvel Stadium. There is always a high demand for such tickets when the kangaroos battle their opponents in their home stadium. has taken a leading role in ensuring that fans can buy tickets safely and securely online. The fans of the Kangaroos will sing their anthem “Join in the chorus “after the game is over.

Where to get North Melbourne Kangaroos Tickets Online

Many fans have been asking whether there is a secure website where they can purchase kangaroos tickets online. is the official ticketing platform for all AFL games. You can buy your favourite AFL games tickets from the site at an affordable price. The site allows you to purchase tickets securely online. You don’t need to wait to buy tickets at the gate. Visit and enjoy excellent price reduction offers on all North Melbourne Kangaroo tickets. However, the forces of supply and demand will determine the availability and rates of the tickets.

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