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Interesting facts about Adelaide Crows

The Adelaide Football Club or Adelaide Crows has been in existence since 1990. It has both male and female teams, with the latter coming in by 2017. It has its home in Adelaide, Australia, and has an interesting history. The games are a must attend, and you will often find people booking their Adelaide Crows tickets well in advance. Let us look at the history of the team in our article below.

Setup of the team

Adelaide Crows was first set up in 1990 to represent South Australia in the AFL. Initially, the Club belonged to the South Australia National Football League (SANFL), but later became an independent Club. Their first game was in 1991. They have since been in 15 finals and have taken home the Cup in 1997 and 1998.

Inaugural Games

The inaugural coach in the first season was Graham Cornes and Chris McDermott as the captain. The duo was instrumental in leading the team to position 9 out of 15 in the leagues. The Club celebrated a percentage of 89.44 from the ten wins and two losses. Their first game was with Hawthorne at the football Park. They eventually reached the 1993 AFL season finals but lost to Essendon in the preliminaries.

While 1993 was very exciting for the Club, it took them another three years to make it to the finals. Within that time, coaches, Robert Shaw and Graham Cornes, had to exit the Club. In 1997, the Club managed to win four consecutive games, and was able to beat Western bulldogs to reach the final. In 1998, they played Melbourne in the first week of the finals but did not emerge victorious. They, however, went on to beat Sydney and the bulldogs in away wins.

The Adelaide Crows in the 2000s

In 2002, the Crows came in at number three, after losing to Brisbane. They played the next two finals at the MCG Beating Melbourne but ended up losing to Collingwood in the preliminary finals. 2003 was a good year for the team when they celebrated the big win at the AAMI Stadium in a match against West Coast, however back home, they lost to Brisbane.

In 2004, the Club had a new coach, Neil Craig. Under his leadership, the Club was able to enjoy some minor wins in the first season. However, St. Kilda took an eight-point lead against the Crows in the finals opening week. Unfortunately, they were not able to match the effort in the game against the Eagles, who won by 16 points.

In the 2006 finals, it was a game of winning and losing. They managed to beat Fremantle but lost to West Coast in the preliminaries. In 2007, the last-minute goal by Hawthorne sent the team packing. The same was repeated in 2008 when the team couldn’t subdue Collingwood, who had a 31-point lead.

2009 finals began with some positivity because, at this point, they were holding the number five position. Unfortunately, Collingwood repeated its 2008 performance by sending them home through a late goal in the semifinals.

In 2012, Brenton Sanderwood took over as coach. The Club played a strong game, winning 17 out of the 22 minor round games. They had a 10 point win against Fremantle at AAMI Stadium. Hawthorn eventually won the finals by five points. For two years after that, the Crows did not make it to the finals, and Brenton had to leave. Phil Wash took over in 2015, and the Crows were able to enjoy a 7-5 record after 13 rounds. Unfortunately, Walsh lost his life due to a stabbing incident by his son.

After Walsh’s death, his assistant Scott Camporeale took over for a short time before the appointment of Don Pyke. 2017 was a good year for the team because it managed to progress to number one position. It went on to the grand finals but lost to Richmond. Things didn’t go very well for Pyke, and he decided to step down. Mathew Nicks is the current coach, assisted by Captain Rory Sloane.

Why the Adelaide Crows Games Are Such Good Fun

Adelaide Crow games are good fun for the whole family. You get tons of activities while enjoying this fantastic contact sport. Book your Adelaide Crows Tickets for the upcoming tournaments at Ticketblaster. Some of the games in the line-up include Adelaide Crows vs. Sydney swans on 21 March, Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide Crows on 28 March, and Adelaide Crows vs. Brisbane Lions on 4 April.



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