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Medallion Club AFL Tickets

It’s a special treat to be the holders of Medallion Club AFL Tickets. The Medallion Club is an exclusive club at Etihad Stadium. A Medallion Club AFL Ticket gets you exclusive seats on Level 2 at Etihad Stadium and can be accessed through entry points at Gate 8 or Gate 9.

Many agree, it is the best level to watch Aussies Rules Football. There is no better vantage point for watching the ebb and flow and dynamism of the game. You will never forget the big knocks, the skill, the speed of players and the fast pace of the game.


Medallion Club AFL Tickets give you easy access to the Stadium. With Medallion Club AFL Tickets from Etihad Stadium, you gain access to VIP parking to the ground. So you will be able avoid the rush of public transport on the trains, trams and busses. You can travel in the comfort and luxury of your own vehicle. Yes, this means avoiding the crowds, no standing in lines and the knowledge that you will be on time to the game without any hassles.

Medallion Club AFL Tickets is the best way to go to the footy at Etihad Stadium. You can treat your family or friends to Medallion Club AFL Tickets for birthdays, anniversaries or to just to be super nice. You are guaranteed a good time with the great food and beverage options. Whether you’re in the mood for a hot coffee, a world famous Four n Twenty pie, or a glass of fine wine, the range of food outlets has something for everyone. Plus, if you want to show off to your mates at work, why not have your next corporate function in style. The Medallion Club is an iconic venue with all the facilities you will ever need. Enjoy it all in in stylish surroundings with unbeatable views. What better way to enjoy Medallion Club AFL Tickets.

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