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Why You Need to Buy AFL Footy Tickets this Season

History of Australian Rules football

Aussie rules football or footy is a kind of football that is played by women and men in Australia. It is a favourite contact sport that attracts a huge following from Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and other parts of Australia. The history of this sport can be traced back to 1858 when Tom Willis introduced the concept of developing a form of football that could apply a set of rules which would help cricketers to be healthy in winter.

The first footy match was played at Yarra Park in August 1858. Footy is a famous family sport in Australia. You would be amazed to find sons and fathers competing in oval-shaped stadiums. It has the largest spectator attendance and television viewership in Australia. Fans Purchase AFL footy tickets online to watch the games live at the stadiums.

Why it is good to go to games

If you are a diehard footy fan, then you need to buy AFL footy tickets to watch the sporting action live at a stadium rather than on TV. As a footy fan, going to the oval-shaped stadium is more thrilling than sitting back at home and watching footy matches on TV.

Reasons to buy footy tickets

It’s Fun

Watching footy action live from the field gives you a more unique experience than watching on TV. It will help you to get close to the sporting action and get a clear view of what is happening on the ground. It helps you to cheer, jeer and sing praises as your favourite team scores against the opponents. Your kids or family will enjoy watching footy stars battle their opponents. This will be a great time for them to relax and have fun.

Gives you a chance to socialize

If you have a tight work schedule that does not allow you to have time to visit your family or friends, then buying AFL footy tickets will give you an opportunity to meet them at the stadium. The atmosphere at the stadium will allow you to talk, laugh, cheer and have good times with them. This will assist to break the monotony and keep you ever refreshed. If you are single and searching for a wife or husband, then AFL footy tickets could open doors for you to get a dream spouse.

How is Footy Played?

Unlike an ordinary football team which has eleven players in each team, footy consists of eighteen players in every team. Here is what every footy fan should know. To gain points a footy player is supposed to kick the ball between the two tall goal posts. Any team who scores the highest points would become the winner unless there was a draw. The commonly used methods to move the ball into the opponent’s half are running, kicking and handballing. Players can catch the ball and declare a mark to enable them to kick the ball forward to their players. It is a sport of great physical contests between players who are moving very fast to try and score as many goals as possible.

If you buy your AFL footy tickets online at the Ticketblaster website, then you will see all these actions at the stadium.

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