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Why You Need to Buy St Kilda Saints Tickets to Watch 2019 AFL Games

Australian Rules football (popularly known as Footy or Aussie rules) is a great contact sport played between two teams of eighteen players each on an oval-shaped pitch, usually a modified cricket field. Unlike the conventional football game, Australian Rules football has a series of four-goal posts situated at each end of the ground of the oval pitch. The number of points that a team will score will depend on the goal posts where the ball goes through. The St. Kilda Football Club popularly nicknamed as the “Saints” is a footy club that is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Every winter, many Melbourne residents buy St Kilda Saints tickets to help them watch games live from the stadium.

St Kilda Saints History

The St Kilda Football club was established on 2 April 1873 in Melbourne. They have loyal fans who follow them around the country to watch footy. The amazing thing is that they have won only one premiership since their inception. You need to buy St Kilda Saints tickets to watch the upcoming games in 2019 Toyota AFL Premiership season fixture

The Fans

Although the Saints is an old club in the AFL competition, they don’t have as many fans as other clubs like Collingwood and Richmond. However, the number of fans has been increasing in recent years and could soon hit 50000. sells all AFL tickets to all rounds and teams.

Enjoy the Game

Footy has revolutionized how people watch sports at stadiums. There are several sports that you can watch live in the stadium after buying St Kilda Saints tickets; there is no doubt that footy is the most entertaining sport in Australia today. If you are still in doubt, here are some of the reasons why people watch footy in large numbers:

-It’s fun

Most people do not watch footy because they don’t have other things to do, they do it for the love of the game. Footy entertains them, distracts them from problems, and gives them fun during weekends. It enhances their excitement and gives you a break from your daily busy work schedules. The Footy game brings much more enjoyment than any other sport in Australia. You will no doubt relax watching this game after a tiresome week.

-Relieves Stress

Do you know that watching St. Kilda football club play live at the stadium can help to reduce stress? We live in environments where many stressful situations arise almost every day. But you can move away from such environments by purchasing St Kilda Saints tickets and going out to watch live games with your family.

-Give You a Chance to socialize

Footy gives you a chance to meet your friends, relatives, and co-workers outside the family or workplace. This socializing allows you to share happy moments with your buddies something that would be nearly impossible at your workplace. Don’t stay at home over the weekend, buy St Kilda Saints tickets and watch the team play in the upcoming 2019 Toyota AFL Premiership.

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