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Purchasing AFL Western Bulldogs Tickets

Various tickets are offered in the market for football supporters including the Western Bulldogs tickets. Western Bulldogs draws it supporters from Melbourne’s western region which is traditionally a working-class area. The fans are extremely passionate about their club and have remained very loyal to their team.

The Western Bulldog club was formerly known as the Footscray Football Club (AFL). It was founded in Footscray, Melbourne in 1877. It is a professional Australian Rules football club. In 1996, the club changed its name from the “Footscray Football Club” to the “Western Bulldogs”. The club has various nicknames that include bullies, bulldogs, doggies, dogs, pups, the scray, and scraggers.

The club uses the initials FFC that stands for Footscray Football Club. The officials of the club include Peter Gordon who is the chairman, Luke Beveridge who is the coach, and Robert Murphy who is the captain. Home matches are played at the Etihad Stadium in Dockland. It has a capacity for approximately fifty-seven thousand football supporters. The games can also be played at the Eureka Stadium that has a capacity of about eleven thousand AFL football fans.

The headquarters and training facilities of the club are at Victoria University Whitten Oval nicknamed “The Kennel”

Participate in Their Achievements

The club won nine premierships in the Victorian Football Association (VFA) before gaining entry to the Victorian Football League (since renamed the AFL) in 1925. The club has won two VFL/AFL premierships, in 1954 and 2016, and was runner up in 1961. In 2016 the club qualified for the Grand Final against Greater Western Sydney. This game was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in front of 99,981 spectators.   It was the 120th annual Grand Final of the Australian Football League. Western Bulldogs won the game by a margin of 22 points with the final score being 89 for Bulldogs and 67 for the Sydney Swans.

Before the final rounds Western Bulldogs were sitting in seventh place on the ladder. It was the first time in AFL history that a team has won the finals from this position.

AFL Western Bulldogs have unique sleeveless jerseys with two horizontal hoops coloured red and white on a royal blue background. The jerseys do not have the players’ surnames on them. AFL Western Bulldog’s most famous players include Jason Johannisen, Scott West, Chris Grant, Ryan Griffen, and Norm Ware.

Australian Football Rules

This is the most famous physical contact sport in Australia. It is the main code that governs all AFL football clubs in Victoria, Western and Southern Australia, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory. Western Bulldogs tickets are used to market AFL Western Bulldog football club. Western Bulldogs tickets are used as a financial incentive to offer practical assistance to the AFL Western Bulldog club.

Western Bulldogs tickets allow AFL football supporters to participate in season premierships and cheering their best players. Western bulldog tickets also help AFL football fans to have thrilling experiences during season premiership matches. Western Bulldogs tickets also attract a great pool of supporters who highly regard football as a major sport in Australia.

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