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Reasons Why Every Footy Fan Wants to Buy West Coast Eagles Tickets

History of the Club

The West Coast Eagles, also known as The Eagles or west coast is a professional Australian Rules football club that is now playing in the Australian Football League. It is based in Perth, Australia and plays to represent its state and the wider Perth region. They have training grounds that are located at Lathlain Park and play most of their home matches at Optus stadium but were previously using the WACA and Subiaco oval grounds. It is one of the two AFL clubs that are located in the western region of Australia. Fremantle football club is their close rivals in that region. Thousands of fans scramble to buy the west coast eagles tickets to watch these two bitter rivals meet at the stadium.

The west coast eagles club was formed in 1986 as an expansion team. But it later entered AFL as Victoria Football club in 1987. The club has won four premierships since its inception. Russell Gibbs is the current chairman of the club while Trevor Nisbett is the chief executive officer.

The Fans

Every winter, thousands of fans scramble to purchase west coast eagles tickets. There is no doubt that the club has a lot of supporters around the Perth region. The Eagles play their friendly matches at Subiaco oval grounds. Watching footy at this stadium is a thrill that every fan does not want to miss. The Eagles move the ball faster at this stadium. Ticketblaster helps fans to buy West Coast Eagle tickets for them to watch footy sports action live from the Subiaco oval grounds. If you want to enjoy hours of entertainment, then buy your tickets now for the upcoming footy matches. The good news is that Ticketblaster allows you to buy west coast eagles tickets from the comfort of your office or home online.


Why you need to watch footy live at the stadium

Watching a footy action live on the stadium is better than on TV. Any footy fan will tell you that it is more thrilling to watch the game live from Subiaco oval grounds than remaining glued to the TV. There is nothing that compares to being in the stadium. Other sceptics will discourage you from buying west coast eagle tickets because they feel stadiums are not safe. Both bad and good, every footy fan knows the thrill they enjoy at the stadium. Here are some reasons why people buy west coast eagle tickets:

It’s refreshing and Fun

Watching footy live from the Subiaco oval grounds helps you to relax and rejuvenate. If you are that kind of person who has a tight work schedule, then buying West Coast Eagles Tickets will assist to break the monotony and relax your mind. This will assist you to return to work happy and energized ready for another work week.

Creates Rooms for Social Interactions

Sometimes our busy schedules can stop us from visiting friends, colleagues and relatives. But footy makes us mingle with our families and friends. Ticketblaster makes those social interactions possible by allowing you to buy West Coast Eagles tickets and watch the footy with your loved ones.

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