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Reasons to Watch AFL Games Played at Manuka Oval

Whenever Greater Western Giants are playing their home games at AFL Manuka Oval, a modern Aussie Rules venue situated in Canberra the locals flock to support their home team.  The venue is precisely located in Griffith, in a suburb called Manuka. For AFL games the facility boasts a capacity of 13, 550 fans out of its overall capacity of 16,000 people for other different sports depending on the configuration used. This venue has been utilized for the game since the beginning of the 20th century making it a must-visit for any football game. Ticketblaster has, since the previous century, sold tickets to the venue.

What is AFL?

AFL stands for Australian Football League and describes a contact sport that is very popular in Australia. The game has been in existence since 1841 in different forms. The main aim of a player is to kick the ball challengingly between series of four goalposts. Players play the game on specially designed venues like Manuka Oval. The specific number of goal posts that the ball goes through determines the number of points you score. You pass the ball around between teammates challengingly. The team with the highest points becomes the winner. Learn more about one of Australia’s most popular games by acquiring your tickets from

The effect of the redevelopment

Being the main cricket and AFL venue in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), authorities have put in place measures to ensure Manuka Oval remains an appealing venue for world-class sporting events. Consequently, there have a series of redevelopment plans, the first stage being the erection of sports lights for television broadcast. The sports lighting essentially elevated day to day structures into magnificent, slender, distinctive forms that create an “embracing the Oval” effect. The lights come in handy during evening events. They also provide economic benefits for the surrounding community and local traders.

Traveling to Manuka Oval

By Bus

Chartered buses depart during sporting events from City and Wooden Bust stations to Manuka Oval. Surprisingly, you are at liberty to use Transport Canberra services free of charge provided you have a game ticket. So, simply buy your ticket from ticketblaster and show it to the driver while boarding. Let the driver know you are going to watch an AFL game and he will not ask for the fare from you.

By Car

We strongly discourage owners of private vehicles from leaving valuables inside their cars. If you choose to drive to Manuka Oval and park anywhere in the Manuka shopping center, it is important to know that you are solely responsible for the security of your car. Also, please note that the authorities prohibit parking along footpaths and on vegetation.

Ticketblaster takes pride in consistently and continually providing tickets to AFL games both played on the Manuka Oval and in other popular venues. So, if you are planning to spend any weekend watching this favourite sport, do not hesitate to visit the ticketing platform to acquire your ticket. Watching the game in the company of the joyful locals is bound to brighten your evening. Utilize the chartered buses to arrive at the stadium alongside ecstatic fans with pomp and colour.

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