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If you haven’t already reserved you Adelaide Oval AFL tickets, you’ll want to act quickly to make your reservations. The opportunity to attend Australian Football League games appeals to millions of people. When you see the navy blue, red and gold colours of the Adelaide Football Club (affectionately named “the Crows”) on the field, and catch the contagious thrill of watching exciting live football, you’ll appreciate your decision to act decisively in ordering tickets in time. As you know, the Crows have performed very well indeed during 2017! This year (and next year) in large numbers, visitors to Adelaide will want to attend their games.

In-Demand Adelaide Oval AFL Tickets

The Crows play their home games at the Adelaide Oval. The exhilarating 2017 Prelim Final against Geelong drew a huge crowd. According to the online Wikipedia encyclopedia, a staggering 53,817 people attended that match. The Crows have won praise for their magnificent performance this year. Fans of the team won’t want to take the risk of missing an opportunity to watch upcoming matches. Do you feel inclined to take that chance? If not, go ahead and place your order for popular Adelaide Oval AFL tickets as soon as possible. (Order enough tickets to seat friends and family members, too.)

History of the Stadium

Adelaide oval Stadium is used for many different sporting and concert events. It is a popular venue for Australian football rules, cricket, rugby union, soccer and various concerts.  It is located in the parklands between the city centre and North Adelaide.

Between 2008 and 2014 the stadium was redeveloped at a cost of $575 million and has a seating capacity of 53,583 (including standing room).  Following these developments, the two Adelaide AFL teams (Adelaide & Port Adelaide) returned to play their games here. Previously they played at Football Park which is located in the suburb of West Lakes, a western suburb of Adelaide.

Fans Love to Attend Games at the Oval

Games featuring the Crows and other Adelaide football clubs arouse great fan interest in Australia. Fans from many places like to attend football games in Adelaide. Ordering your Adelaide Oval AFL tickets allows you to participate in this fun recreational activity. The Australian Football League games provide riveting entertainment. The excitement of these matches rivals only the enthusiasm of the fans. If you’d like to show your support for the Crows, or other Adelaide football clubs, you’ll want to attend as many games as possible during the rest of this year and upcoming 2018.

Go ahead and select your Adelaide Oval AFL tickets if you have not done so already. Remember, the sooner you take action to reserve your Adelaide Oval AFL tickets, the better the available seating selection. This comfortable stadium supplies a great venue for dining, too. You can arrive at the stadium and enjoy a full day of thrilling leisure activities with your group. Just don’t wait too long to confirm your tickets if you haven’t already placed your order. Make sure you reserve enough Adelaide Oval AFL tickets for your family and friends and guests!

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