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Richmond Tigers Tickets provide rich history with star players on display

Ever year sports fans head out to see their favourite football players and teams for the Australian Football League (AFL). The sport may be based in Australia, but it also attracts fans and tourists from other areas to check out the games. One of the popular teams that fans enjoy watching is the Richmond Tigers, a club with a rich history in the sport of AFL. Fans have been purchasing Richmond Tigers tickets for many years, so they can enjoy the fun and excitement these games provide.

Richmond Tigers tickets bring rich history

The Richmond Football Club first started in the Richmond, Melbourne area back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The club was part of the Victorian Football Association (VFA) where they were able to achieve two premierships. They would eventually switch over to the Victorian Football League (VFL) and are now part of today’s AFL as fans know it.

The team has gone on to win a total of 11 premierships since joining the VFL/AFL with the most recent one coming in 2017. That means fans are always picking up Richmond Tigers tickets to see them on their latest run towards another premiership. That could happen for several years based on the roster they present.

It’s clear the popularity of the team has risen over the years too. Every year since 2010, the team has increased in overall ticket members. After the 2017 premiership win, membership jumped by nearly 25,000 members, with average home attendance hovering near the 55,000 mark.

The team still trains at their historic training ground, the Punt Road Oval. That is located right near the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) where the Tigers play their home games. Thousands of fans are attending the games there each year. It’s not surprising that Richmond Tigers tickets have always been popular based on how this team has become one of the elite clubs in the AFL.

Richmond Tigers present star players in action

In the current era of Tigers football, Richmond Tigers tickets give fans an opportunity to see some of the top stars in the AFL. That includes All-Australian selections such as club captain Trent Cochin and teammate Dustin Martin. Cochin holds the record for most single-season and career tackles. It’s not surprising that he is the leader for this club based on his drive and talents.

Martin, considered one of the team’s top superstars, has been a member of the team since 2010 giving him a veteran presence on the field. He has achieved back-to-back selections to the All-Australian in recent years. Martin was also awarded the North Smith Medal during the 2017 AFL Grand Final in which his Richmond Tigers team bested the Adelaide Crows.

There’s also leading goal-scorer from 2017 Jack Riewoldt, as well as talented players such as Josh Caddy, Shane Edwards, and Jason Castagna who have competed for the Tigers club. Over the recent years, these players and others have always provided fans with the exciting AFL action they’ve come to love.

Fans are picking up Richmond Tigers tickets so they can catch Martin, Ranch, Cochin, and the other stars of the team as they compete against top AFL talent.

Where to buy Richmond Tigers tickets online

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