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Why Richmond Tigers Tickets is The Surest Way to Watch AFL Matches

Australian Football League (AFL) is Australia’s pre-eminent professional football competition. It also acts (through AFC commission) as the governing body of football in the country and as such has the sole responsibility of formulating and enforcing the rules of the game. Thanks to the many passionately-supported teams from across the nation, AFL happens to be the most attended sporting league in Australia. The most prominent teams in the league enjoy a massive fan base in Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane. About 100, 000 fans jam pack the stands of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket ground) for the final game of the season as millions watch the matches on TV in Australia.

History of Richmond Tigers

Richmond Tigers Football Club, also called tigers, is a professional Aussie Rules club that plays in the AFL. After its inception in Richmond, Melbourne in the year 1885, the club registered a successful competition in VFA (Victorian Football Association) League that includes two wins within the first 12 years following its launch. The winning spree saw the club join the popular Victorian Football league (now called named AFL) in 1908. It has since won a total of eleven premierships, with the most recent happening last year (2017).

Why the change from VFA to AFL?

Initially, AFL comprised of teams that are based in Victoria, hence the name Australia Football Association. After the competition expanded to other states in Australia in the 1980’s the name was changed to AFL for the 1990 season. It currently consists of eighteen teams drawn from five out of six of Australia’s states. AFL matches have therefore, been played in all states of the country as well as in China and New Zealand. Despite its widespread influence on the nation and outside Australia, Richmond Tigers Tickets remains the only sure and most preferred way to watch the matches.

Why Richmond Tigers are popular

Given the popularity of the tickets, you are extremely lucky to land on them especially during any final game taking place at Melbourne Cricket ground (MCG). So, why are the tickets so popular? Besides the ground’s modern amenities and heritage, the teams that qualify for the finals display an outstanding gameplay when playing at the MCG. To perpetuate the classy feel, Punt Road Oval, Richmond’s administrative and training ground recently received a major facelift; the 20 million dollars renovations and redevelopment ensured the playfield has world-class status and amenities.

Should you become a member

Yes. The tickets are so competitive to obtain. It is therefore not advisable to depend on the few tickets which are made available to the general public.  In one particular event, the public exhausted over 40, 000 tickets that were made available in less than one hour. The competition to get tickets for the more popular games is extreme. So, the only sure way to get tickets to the must-watch games is to register for membership of Richmond Tigers to get priority seats. Members are normally reserved a given number of seats allowing them to bypass the rush and buy the ticket at their convenience.

Conclusion AFL clubs are growing their fan base at a rate that by far exceeds the increase in capacity of final venues. So, what should you do to secure your place in the stands? Register for membership in one of the most popular clubs and purchase your tickets via Ticketblaster. Even the venues that initially had hundreds of seats available for the public have had to reduce the figure in favour of the preferred club members.

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