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Secure Your Tickets to Watch Exhilarating AFL Football at Manuka Oval

One of the most memorable famous stadiums in Canberra stands in Manuka in Griffith. Consider ordering tickets to attend world-class Australian Football League matches at Manuka Oval very soon. If you act decisively and take action quickly, you can reserve seats for large groups. Think of the fun and camaraderie you’ll share with your friends when you attend action-packed sports events at the famous stadium!

See The Greater Western Sydney Giants Play at Manuka Oval

Currently, the Greater Western Sydney Giants (the “GWS Giants”) play four football games every winter in the Oval. This venue appeals to people who enjoy seeing robust AFL play in Canberra. By securing your football tickets soon, you’ll enjoy a chance to share this exhilarating entertainment with other fans. If you’ve searched for a great holiday gift for other GWS Giants club supporters, imagine how pleased the recipients will feel when you invite them to a match?

Residents of Canberra and visitors alike can order Manuka Oval tickets to see some GWS Giants AFL matches through Ticketblaster. (Did you know, we offer tickets to all the Australian Football League games and rounds? If you wish to see your favourite teams playing in other venues, too, you can obtain tickets through a single convenient website.) Mark the dates of upcoming footy games on your calendar today so you won’t miss any memorable AFL events during 2018. People who reserve their tickets early typically enjoy more seating selections!

Popular Sports Legends Played Out at Manuka Oval

When you attend AFL games at Manuka Oval, you may meet people who have attended some historic football matches in the stadium. Perhaps you recall observing riveting AFL games there in the past, too? For instance, during 2012, the Greater Western Sydney Giants obtained an especially poignant historic AFL victory at Manuka Oval. They beat the Gold Coast Suns during Round 7 that year. Can’t you envision the audience erupting into cheers of support for the team in the stadium? Today the GWS Giants have achieved a ranking near the top the AFL ladder. If you enjoy celebrating the club’s accomplishments, you’ll want to attend as many of their games next year as you can!

If you love watching riveting AFL football action, you won’t want to miss any footy next year at Manuka Oval in Canberra. Go ahead and order your tickets soon this year to avoid possible disappointments. The stadium has an upper limit seating capacity of 16,000.(1) Since teams which rise to the highest rungs of the AFL ladder tend to draw many enthusiastic fans, reserving your Manuka Oval game tickets well in advance ensures you’ll enjoy a better seating selection. Show your support for the GWS Giants as they strive to finish first in 2018!

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