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Three Clever Tips to Buy Marvel Stadium AFL Tickets for Less

Hello Australian Football enthusiasts, it’s good to have your attention once again on AFL tickets. If you have been buying AFL tickets in the past, you could have been paying more than what you should. I realized that recently when I purchased a few Marvel Stadium AFL tickets for my buddies and I for a lower price than what other websites were offering. Initially, I thought ticket prices were constant everywhere; be it online or at the stadium gate. However, the fact that I was able to get mine for much less than the general online price prompted me to research on how to get Australian Football League tickets at a cheaper price. Guess what, here is what I found out:

  1. Buy Your tickets on the right website: The safest way to buy your Marvel Stadium AFL tickets is by shopping on a website that offers the best deals. AFL ticket prices do vary online from one website to another. While the actual ticket value may be standard across the board, other charges that come with buying the ticket may not. Websites deduct different charges such as convenience, facility charge, promoter’s fees, etc differently, which is the reason why AFL ticket prices vary online.
  2. Buy your tickets in quantity: It is cheaper to buy ten Marvel Stadium AFL tickets than it is to purchase one or two. This is due to the shipping and handling charges, which is flat rate. For example, if a ticket goes for $20 with standard shipping & handling charges of $10, you will have to part with $30 for one ticket and $210 instead of $300=($20+$10)10 for ten tickets. A good trick is to find friends who want to buy the same tickets you do and buy collectively.
  3. More information : From experience, I can say that the prices of Marvel Stadium AFL tickets do either increase or decrease, depending on the demand. AFL allows clubs to adjust the prices, contingent upon how badly fans want them. Trust me, the hype for Marvel Stadium AFL games increases as the game dates near. As such, if you think ticket prices are going to drop a few days to the game so you can buy some, it is time to rethink your strategy as prices will almost definitely increase. Just buy early.

While buying tickets at the stadium is another good strategy to pay less, this strategy may lead to disappointment, especially if it is a highly anticipated game. Stadiums like Marvel are known to host famous teams like Essendon, Carlton, Western Bulldogs, which have thousands of diehard followers across the country who will never miss attending a game if their teams are participating. So, the tickets usually sell out days before the event. As such, waiting to buy your Marvel Stadium AFL tickets cheaply at the gate will likely culminate with a major disappointment for you and your buddies.

So, these are the three good strategies you can use to get Marvel Stadium AFL tickets for less. Buy on the right website, buy in more quantities and buy early.

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