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The Time Has Arrived to Order Your Collingwood Magpies Tickets!

Melbourne Area residents know the familiar sight of Black and White Magpies uniforms well; the Magpies not only play exceptional AFL football, but the club supports one of this nation’s most acclaimed teams. Just a few years ago, the Magpies gained the honour of becoming the team with the largest number of registered club supporters in Australia. (1) They now play home games in the huge Melbourne Cricket Ground stadium, a facility which seats over 100,000. (2) The popularity of the Magpies should alert loyal fans to the importance of ordering Collingwood Magpies tickets as early as possible for the upcoming 2018 season.

Watch the AFL Live

Unlike some AFL clubs, the Magpies have soared to the highest levels of AFL play in the past. The team has won AFL premierships. When you secure your Collingwood Magpies tickets for 2018, you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing you’ve claimed an opportunity to watch truly world-class footy game play. Many visitors eagerly seek Collingwood Magpies tickets when they visit Melbourne. Smart fans appreciate the importance of reserving 2018 Collingwood Magpies tickets as soon as possible this year.

Invite Friends to Enjoy Collingwood Magpies

Right now, you have a marvellous opportunity! You can order seats for friends and family members by taking action. Select Collingwood Magpies tickets today so you’ll obtain the seating you prefer for your entire group to see riveting AFL matches during 2018. Ticketblaster sells tickets for all games and rounds involving Australian Football League teams. This fact means you can even acquire tickets for away matches right now! (If you choose to give 2018 Collingwood Magpies tickets as gifts this year, imagine the delight you’ll bring to the recipients!)

Collingwood Magpies Promise Hours of Fun-Filled Entertainment

Residents and visitors alike enjoy gathering in the Melbourne Cricket Ground complex to see inspiring AFL play. Many fans hope to witness remarkable, record-setting footy there during 2018. If you love attending Magpies matches (or if you’d like to enjoy that opportunity for the first time), then taking the initiative and reserving your seats now can avoid disappointments next year. If you believe in the old English axiom “the early bird catches the worm”, you’ll want to demonstrate your support for the Magpies by seizing this great opportunity to purchase your 2018 tickets. Ensure hours of healthy fun and entertainment for your group next year by acting today to secure your seating!

Resolve now to make certain your groups gains an opportunity to attend every single AFL game you’d all like to see during 2018. You won’t discover a better time to obtain great seats. Watch exciting AFL matches! Whether you decide to attend only home games, or you want to see away games too, you’ll claim this privilege by ordering your tickets right away!

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