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Top 5 Incredible Victories by Melbourne Demons in the History of the Australian Football League

The Melbourne Demons, though currently ranked 17 in the Australian Football League, used to be a very powerful team between the years 1900 and 1964. Founded in 1858, this team has won the VFL Premiership League, which is today known as AFL twelve times in the past, beating some of the most revered teams in the league today, such as Collingwood and Essendon, several times. Here is a record of some of their victories in the past between 1956 and 1964:

1. 1956 VFL Grand Final

Played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground before a record-breaking 115, 902 spectators, the 1956 VFL Grand Final match between Melbourne Demons and Collingwood culminated with an astonishing win for the Demons. The 60th annual Grand Final of the Victorian Football League, which is today known as the Australian Football League (AFL) put the hosts ahead of Collingwood by 73 unbelievable points, continuing their premiership victory for the eight-time. Apart from the Melbourne Devils players, the victory was also attributed to the late Mr. Norm Smith, who was the team’s coach, at that time.

2. 1957 VFL Grand Final

The 1957 VFL Grand Final, just like the previous one, took place at the MCG Stadium with 100, 324 spectators. In this do or die contest, Melbourne Demons would face off against Essendon, beating them by 61 points. The Dees’ participation in the 61st annual VFL Grand Final, still, was under the guidance of coach Smith, who was a former player of the team.

3. 1959 VFL Grand Final

After failing to subsequently secure victory in the 1958 VFL Grand Final, the Melbourne Demons would a year later restore their former glory as witnessed in the 1959 VFL Grand Final. Playing against Essendon at the Melbourne Cricket Ground once more, the Demons managed to shut down their opponents, though with only 37 points, this time around. However, a win is a win and points do not count that much in VFL Grand Finals history. Witnessed by some 103, 506 individuals, the outcome of this match marked the Dees’s 10th victory in the history of VFL Grand Finals still under the stewardship of coach Norm Smith,

4.1960 VFL Grand Final

For the 11th time, the Melbourne Demons would win the VFL Grand Finals still under the leadership of coach Norm Smith. The 1960 VFL Grand Final was a rematch between the Dees and Collingwood who had previously lost by an entire 73 points. But as it turned out, the hosts weren’t ready to let a team they had punished before put them to shame in the name of revenge, especially in their own backyard as they demonstrated in the match by beating Collingwood by 48 points. Attended by 97,457 spectators, despite the conditions, this was one of Melbourne Demons side’s most significant matches in the history of VFL Grand Finals. Had they lost to the opponents; Collingwood would no longer be inferior to them.

5. 1964 VFL Grand Final

After beating Collingwood in the 1960 VFL Grand Final, the Dees would, four years down the line, find themselves facing off against their former opponents. However, in the 1964 VFL Grand Final, Melbourne Demons’ victory against Collingwood was only by a thin margin of just 4 points. However, as said earlier, a win is a win and points don’t count that much in the history of VFL Grand Finals. Attended by 102,471 Australian Football League fans, this match went down at the very same MCG stadium on the 19th of September 1964 with coach Norm Smith still steering the Dees. Unfortunately, after this match, Melbourne Demons have never won any VFL or AFL Grand Finals to date.

Watching Melbourne Demons Live in Action

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Final Thoughts

Melbourne Demons used to be a very powerful and lethal AFL team in the past when it has won the premiership title 12 times in the history of the Australian Football League. Though the Melbourne based team ranks 17th in the league, today, it seems to be making some efforts to restore its former glory by signing up new players and making a lot of changes to the team. Their much anticipated 2020 AFL matches are set to begin towards the end of March with tickets for those matches available now at Ticketblaster. You can grab your Melbourne Demons tickets today to watch the matches live by going here.

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