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Treat Yourself to Gold Coast Suns Tickets

Sports are a popular pastime for Aussies and tourists alike. The Australian Rules Football League, also known as Aussie Rules or AFL for short, is the most popular sports league in Australia. Stadiums across the country are packed with thousands of fans every week. In the popular tourist city of Gold Coast in Queensland, everyone roots for the local Gold Coast Suns. The Suns play at Carrara Stadium, a state of the art facility that recently hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Gold Coast Suns tickets are a hot commodity in town especially at the height of the season and are quickly snatched up. It’s highly advised to grab Gold Coast suns tickets immediately before the season or anytime they’re available.

The best tickets you can get

Every week, Carrara Stadium is packed with an incredible sea of red and gold showcasing a unique game-day experience. Hearing thousands of loyal adoring fans undergoing their traditional chants add to the world-class energy, literally keeping you on the edge of your seat as exciting moments happen one after the other. A Suns match is a social event suitable for the entire family to share in and a key component of the city’s culture. The Suns selectively choose players from the best talent pool Australia has to offer, fan favourites such as team captains Jarrod Witts and David Swallow carry the Suns to victories and success as some of the best players in the world and what better way to see them than with Gold Coast Suns tickets?

How to get your tickets

Purchasing Gold Coast Suns tickets is incredible simple! One way is to go onto the official team website, another way is to go through a third-party ticket site, or you can even go to the front gate and purchase them! However, buying Gold Coast Suns tickets at the gate may not be possible since the match is often sold out already! Add in the fact that tickets are often at an affordable price, whether one is a local on a budget or a tourist curious about the AFL, Gold Coast Suns tickets are there for the taking!

After purchasing your tickets

After purchasing Gold Coast Suns tickets, head inside Carrara Stadium early to avoid the rush of fans since seats will fill up quickly. Engage in friendly banter with other fans and learn the crowd chants. Before the game, you can easily read up on the team’s history including their formation in 2009. Order memorabilia from the team store on the website or purchase merchandise at the stadium and deck out as much red, blue and gold as possible. Attending a Suns match is a life-changing experience and practically a required Gold Coast attraction when visiting or living in the city.

The 2020 season is around the corner and it’s ideal to grab tickets now before they’re completely gone.

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