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Watch the Geelong Cats Play AFL Football at Simonds Stadium!

Have you attended Australian League Football (“AFL”) matches at Simonds Stadium? Located in Kardinia Park in South Geelong in Victoria, this historic playing field (now called GMHBA Stadium) has witnessed some epic football action during its history. Redeveloped in 2003, Simonds Stadium (formerly known as Baytec Stadium, Shell Stadium, and Skilled Stadium) today seats up to 36,000 people. The Geelong Football Club plays home games there.

The Geelong Football Club sponsors the Geelong Cats, one of Australia’s most popular AFL teams. You can secure AFL tickets in advance to attend Geelong Cats home games at Simonds Stadium when you visit the convenient Ticketblaster website. Affectionately known as “The Cats”, the team inspires an outpouring of fan loyalty during its matches at Simonds Stadium in Geelong!

Simonds Stadium: A Great Venue for Riveting Football Action!

Of course, magnificent Simonds Stadium supplies a comfortable setting for watching exciting footy action. Members of the team know this turf very well indeed. Many Geelong Cats fans believe this lovely stadium contributes powerfully to their club’s success. A lot of other AFL clubs expect their teams to practice at one stadium and play home games at another: not the Cats. The Geelong Cats both practice and play home matches in Kardinia Park!

Attend AFL Games at Simonds Stadium and Other Sites

Would you enjoy attending Geelong Cats games this year? Select tickets for all upcoming AFL matches and rounds at the Ticketblaster website. Just imagine visiting Kardinia Park and sitting in one of the most famous stadiums in Australia to watch world-class AFL football action on the field. You might witness a record-setting match occurring right in front of you! Today AFL football generates a lot of interest in Victoria.

Why 2017 Became a Pivotal Year for Simonds Stadium

In fact, interest in the Geelong Cats reached a new high in 2017. During that important year, the Geelong Football Club recorded an amazing 40,501 average attendance figure at their matches. This record (which includes away games, of course) exceeds the official seating capacity of their home stadium! The club and its team have truly enjoyed a wave of enthusiasm and fan loyalty during recent months. This high level of support bodes very well for the team.

Mark Your Calendar This Year!

If you hope to see the renowned Geelong Cats play thrilling AFL football in Geelong this year, it makes sense to pull out a calendar and order tickets in advance for the matches you absolutely want to attend in person. Why? If you wait until the very last minute to secure your tickets, you may encounter long lines at the stadium. A lot of fans have chosen to express their support for the Geelong Cats during 2017 and 2018. By planning ahead, you’ll enjoy a carefree visit!

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