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West Coast Eagles Tickets Are Great Family Fun

Nothing beats the excitement of the AFL and Australian rules football. Australian football began in 1858 in Melbourne, Victoria. Since then, it has become the most popular sport in Australia. West Coast Eagles Tickets can be difficult to come by because of the team’s popularity. West Coast Eagles tickets are a great way to spend an afternoon of fun and memories with the family.

The West Coast Eagles began in 1986 as one of two expansion teams in the Victorian Football League (VFL). The team colours are Royal blue and gold. Their logo is the head of a wedge-tailed eagle. Fans who purchase West Coast Eagles tickets will be treated to a show of tricks performed by a real wedge-tailed eagle named Auzzie. The eagle logo is always towards the right, where the east is located on most maps. This represents the eagle searching for prey in the eastern Australian states. The team’s official song is “We’re the Eagles” and you can join the crowd singing their lungs out at any Eagles game.

West Coast Eagles Tickets Seat Availability

The Eagles are one of the most successful teams in the NFL both in terms of yearly revenues and profit. In 2011, club membership was at 54,745, which made it the fourth largest club in the AFL. One of the limiting factors expansion of the club is that the Domain Stadium only holds 43,500 seats of which 39,000 are reserved exclusively for club members. This means that West Coast Eagles tickets are at a premium and fans are lucky if they can get a seat. The club continues to grow and as of July 2015 it was at 60,000 members. If you want a set of tickets for a home game, you will need to plan ahead and get them early.

West Coast Eagles and Family Fun

Australians love the AFL and Australian football. It is a game that can teach children many life lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom. It is a way to bring the family together for an outing that will bring them closer and create a lifetime of memories. Football gives children role models to look up to, build team support, and promotes hard work and respect. It also teaches them that sometimes you lose in life and when you do, it’s okay you just try again. Getting a set of West Coast Eagles tickets for the whole family is the first step to building a lifetime of memories. West Coast Eagles tickets always promise an exciting match.

There is a reason why the West Coast Eagles are one of the favourite teams in the AFL. Their games are exciting and fast-paced featuring some of the most skilled players and best coaches in the league. If you buy a set of West Coast Eagles tickets for yourself or for your entire family, you are in for a treat.

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