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West Coast Eagles tickets provide great family fun and excitement

Every year, there are many fans heading out to see Australian rules football (AFL) matchups. These contests provide a lot of excitement and entertainment for families who attend. The West Coast Eagles tickets provide that experience for the fans who go to their games live in person. Luckily, the tickets are easy to purchase using online resources and give a look at one of the newer, emerging teams in the AFL.

West Coast Eagles team’s increasing popularity

The West Coast Eagles are based out of Perth, Western Australia, and are among the newest teams competing in the AFL. They started back in 1986 as an expansion team for the Victorian Football League. Just a year later, the VFL turned into the AFL. Six years later, the Eagles captured their first premiership. In 1994 and 2006, they were able to add two more titles to their list.

The West Coast club uses Lathlain Park for their training grounds and formerly used Subiaco Oval for home games. As of 2018, they started playing home games at the new Perth Stadium which holds up to 60,000 loyal fans, ready to cheer on the Eagles.

Over the past four years, more fans are getting West Coast Eagles tickets to attend the games. The attendance moved up each year since 2014, as it eventually got to over 40,000 fans during the past several years. More and more fans are attending the Eagles’ matchups to try to root them on to another premiership.

The club has now reached the finals series in three consecutive years with fans hoping for more great performances from this West Coast Eagles club. Another premiership could be right around the corner for the Eagles. That’s why picking up West Coast Eagles tickets for the upcoming games can provide the ability to watch the team rise to more success.

West Coast Eagles showcase exciting AFL stars

When loyal fans buy West Coast Eagles tickets for the games, they also realize they’ll be able to watch some of the biggest stars in the AFL compete on the field. Even though this is a newer club in the AFL, there are some great talents that play for them.

One of the Eagles’ top stars over the past decade has been Josh Kennedy. He has continued to lead the West Coast club in goals kicked for several years now. Kennedy has amassed 540 goals for his career with the team. His teammate Mark LeCras has also been with the club for quite a while and has racked up 433 goals, the second-most amongst active players.

The team has featured a number of other star players over the years including AFL Hall of Fame inductees like Dean Kemp, Glen Jakovich, and Guy McKenna. Fans continue to get their West Coast Eagles tickets to see future Hall of Fame players give it their all in the AFL games.

Where to purchase West Coast Eagles tickets

Many fans use a popular online resource to buy West Coast Eagles tickets for the latest AFL matchups and rounds. Thanks to the TicketBlasterAFL website, fans are able to make these purchases for the games they want at affordable prices. The website features a great way to scan all of the available teams, venues, games, and rounds.

Customers can simply visit the Ticketblaster website and tap or click on the team they’d like to see play. The website has a variety of West Coast Eagles tickets for fans to choose from. Once a matchup or round has been tapped or clicked on, customers will get to see available prices and seating. After that, it’s as easy as providing a payment source and waiting for the date of the big game to arrive!

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