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Western Bulldogs Tickets and The Australian Rules Football

Western Bulldogs is a successful team in AFL (Australian rules football). AFL is an interesting game and it’s the most popular game in Australia.

Australian football is interesting because of its rules. This game is entirely different from all the other games. It may look an American Rugby game, but it’s not like that. The size of the football field is bigger than a soccer field. Moreover, the players of this AFL game are super fit athletes.

To score a goal, a player must kick the oval-shaped ball between two poles. A player possesses the ball and he progress steadily towards the opposing goal. The opponent team’s players chase him and attempt to tackle him. Thus, all these players make this a super exciting game.

18 players start the game in each team. They can kick the ball or forward the ball by their hands. They must bounce the ball once within every 16 yards. But the best part of this game is the jumping. The players jump on another player’s shoulders to catch the ball. You can witness some incredible moments on the field. Moreover, these players don’t use any shoulder guards to play the game. This makes the game riskier and more interesting. Buying Western Bulldogs Tickets, you can enjoy this marvellous game on the field.

Their History

In 1877 the club was established. The Club joined the AFL in 1925. But before joining AFL the club played under VFL. 9 premierships were won by the club before 1925. After joining the AFL, the club has also shown some great skills in football.

Western Bulldogs won 2 premierships (AFL). In 1954 they won their first premiership. After a long gap, they won their second premiership in 2016.

Some facts about Western Bulldogs

  1. The mascot of this club is a BULLDOG. The name of this bulldog is Caesar. This bulldog remains present in every game. 
  2. The club has a huge fan following. In 2015, the club had 35000 members. But in 2017 their fan following increased to around 48000. 
  3. Their training ground’s name is ‘Whitten Oval’.

You can buy Western Bulldogs Tickets and you can enjoy their games. You will be absolutely stunned to see these players on the field.

The best game in the world

The players of this team are extremely captivating. The massive players are highly skilled at playing football. They will be jumping, kicking and running like real professional players.

Tory Dickson, Marcus Bontempelli, Matt Suckling, Dale Morris, Liam Picken, Easton Wood, Sam Lloyd, Josh Schache are some of the best players in this team.

 When these players play, thousands of fan cheer with them. The ground turns into a festival of football. Just imagine this epic scene with all these fans. You can enjoy this too. Just grab some Western Bulldogs Tickets and enjoy this game with your family and friends.

How to get tickets?

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