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Western Bulldogs tickets bring a winning club and star players for fans to see

For well over a century, fans have been entertained by Australian Rules Football. Commonly known as the AFL, the league presents fans with several teams that have been active over that time including the Western Bulldogs. This team has a strong winning tradition since their arrival and has several Hall of Fame players. More of these players are emerging each year. That’s why many loyal fans are purchasing the Western Bulldogs tickets to see this legendary team and the latest stars.

Western Bulldogs tickets present a team with winning tradition

The Western Bulldogs have a longstanding tradition in Australian football. They first started back in 1877 as the Footscray Football Club from the western suburb of Melbourne. After years of participation in the Victorian Football Association (VFA) they joined the Victorian Football League (VFL) in 1925. This eventually became what is known as today’s AFL.

Since their time within the VFL and AFL, the Bulldogs have gone on to capture an impressive 11 premierships. Their most recent have arrived in 2014 and 2016 with fans picking up Western Bulldogs tickets to see another run towards a premiership. That could come within the next year, so loyal fans don’t want to miss out on the next big title.

Western Bulldogs give fans a look at today’s stars

The Western Bulldogs tickets also provide a chance to witness the club’s star players in action. Over the years, fans have seen major AFL stars play for the team including Chris Grant, Brad Johnson, and Simon Beasley. These three players are the only three in Bulldogs history to have scored over 500 goals, so far.

In terms of more recent players, it’s hard to argue against the talent of Tory Dickson. His 153 goals are the most amongst active players with Luke Dalhaus (109) relatively close by. Marcus Bontempelli has been part of the Bulldogs club for just four years but is nearing the 100 goals mark himself.

With these veterans and emerging new stars, it’s no wonder that fans are making sure they see the upcoming Bulldogs’ matchups. Luckily, there is one great place to find the tickets for the right prices.

Where to buy the Western Bulldogs tickets

Buying Western Bulldogs tickets is very easy to do and quite affordable. Many fans frequently use the TicketBlaster AFL webpage to order their tickets for the upcoming matchups. The site offers a variety of options for teams, venues, or rounds that a fan might want to see.

When someone visits the TicketBlaster AFL site they’ll find that teams are easily accessible. There is a drop-down menu for AFL 2018 and this allows choosing a round or team. By using this menu, the Western Bulldogs tickets are just a click away.

Once the Bulldogs are selected, a page will come up with all of the upcoming team matchups. The Western Bulldogs tickets with prices for each of the games are listed right there. By clicking on “View Tickets” for any of the listed games, one gets to see the available seats and prices. After that, all it takes is choosing the number of tickets and entering a payment source.

Getting out to see the Western Bulldogs in action is great for fans of the team or anyone who wants to see them play another team in their home venue.

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