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What Port Adelaide Power Tickets Offer You

Port Adelaide is a professional Australian Football League club based in Alberton in South Australia. The Club has two teams, one which plays in the AFL and another that features in the SANFL (South Australia National Football league). Being the oldest team in South Australia and the fifth oldest in the entire AFL, it is not surprising that the team plays a spectacular game that charms Aussie fanatics. Throughout the years, Port Adelaide has improved its gameplay to its current outstanding level. That is why Port Adelaide Power Tickets, available at, are so popular.

Port Adelaide’s recent history

Adelaide qualified for the AFL finals in 1999 for the first time, under the leadership of Mark Williams. It also made a praiseworthy feat in 2000 when it finished in position 14 overall. The 2001 season was Port Adelaide’s most successful one; the club started it off on a high note by beating Brisbane Lions during pre-season competitions. Port Adelaide closed the season in third place having attained a notable 16 wins and a mere six losses. The impressive performance has seen its fan base grow in leaps and bounds. This notable club rarely disappoint its loyal supporters hence the reason you should buy the tickets.

What you get from your tickets

The tickets allow you to watch Australian Rules football, the country most popular contact sport. So, buy tickets from Ticketblaster and join other thousands of fans heading over to the facility. You will not be disappointed. The entertainment is real’ from singing “Never Tear Us Apart” together with ardent fans to fireworks and dances to live DJ’s your visit to the stadium will be unforgettable. Watch closely, in the company of your loved ones, the exciting tackles, and goals. The venue has something special for everyone.

Adelaide Oval ticket

Well-known throughout Australia as the ultimate footy venue in South Australia, Adelaide Oval presents an irresistible ground to watch an entertaining Adelaide AFL Club home game. Interestingly, the construction was completed in 1871 although it was originally intended to be a cricket stadium. The management subsequently put it through several facelifts and renovations effectively making it the world-class AFL stadium that it is today. The $527 million upgrade that took place between 2008 and 2014 saw its capacity increase to a commendable

50, 962 people. The Power tickets, therefore, put you at the center of millions of lively fans who will certainly liven up your spirits.

Why loyal fans buy Port Adelaide Power tickets

Official membership figures indicate that the club has the highest number of fans compared to the other AFL team in South Australia. The team’s confirmed membership number increased from 29,092 (the club’s record low) in the year 2010 to 54, 057, an incredible 86 percent. The increase in the number of supporters is sure evidence the tickets provide value for money. Ticketblaster takes pride in having availed to AFL enthusiast thousands of tickets to this and many other AFL clubs.

Port Adelaide Power Tickets give you access to excellent gameplay by Australian Rules Football notable clubs. Get your tickets from Ticketblaster  for a chance to spend time with your friends at the Adelaide Oval, a world-class stadium with modern amenities. With the tickets, you will have a chance to join thousands of ecstatic fans and jointly cheer your favourite team to victory.

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