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Why MCG AFL Tickets Are Worth Your Consideration

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is the largest and undoubtedly the most popular sports venue in Australia. The Melbourne sporting venue boasts a maximum capacity of more than 100,000 people and is home to various Melbourne AFL teams and also hosts the AFL Grand Final. The MCG sporting venue is the world’s biggest cricket stadium, the biggest stadium in Australia, and the 10th biggest stadium across the globe, which makes MCG AFL tickets incredibly popular.

The MCG stadium is part of the famous Melbourne Sports Precinct located at Yarra Park, and it also includes the Hisense Arena, Rod Laver Arena, and the AAMI Park. During the winter season, the MCG sporting venue hosts the Australian football matches, also known as AFL or Aussie rules games, while during the summer months it’s the main stage for cricket games. The MCG stadium has been the arena of most great events in the history of Australian sport since its inauguration in 1853.

Background and history

The Melbourne Cricket Ground was established by the famous Melbourne Crickets Club in 1853 approximately less than twenty years after Melbourne city was founded. The initial members’ stand was constructed in 1854, and a public grandstand that could hold 6,000 people was built later in 1861. ‘The G’ as it’s popularly known by many people, is the home of Australian sport and its mainly used for the AFL (Australia Football League), rugby and cricket games. The ground has hosted the State of Origin series, the rugby union, lacrosse, FIFA World Cup qualifiers in 2001 and 1997, as well as cycling and tennis in the nineteenth century. The MCG was the centerpiece of the Olympic Games in 1956, the Commonwealth Games in 2006, and it is home to Australia’s National Sports Museum.

The game of AFL

The first trial match of football at the Melbourne Cricket Ground was played by some police officers back in 1869, but it wasn’t until one decade later, with the establishment of the Australian Football League (AFL), that the first official match of football took place on the present-hallowed grounds. AFL is a popular contact sport which is played between two games, and it’s popular among many fans in Australia. The Melbourne Cricket Ground was originally home to the popular Melbourne Football Club, the oldest club in the league, and has since become the home sporting venue to North Melbourne, Richmond, Essendon, Hawthorn, and Collingwood. All AFL Grand Finals have been taking place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground since 1902, apart from 1924, 1942–1945 and 1991 finals. The Grand Final usually takes place in early October or late September and is watched by more than two million home viewers. The stadium seats are sold out to fans year after year.

Fans obsessed with the game

It’s undeniable that AFL commands a big following in Australia. Many fans buy AFL tickets every year to watch the matches live at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This sporting ground is typically a world-class venue which hosts a wide variety of sports including rugby, soccer, and many other world championships. Purchasing MCG tickets can also help you visit one of the best museums in Australia.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground also holds the National Sports Museum which is a dedicated place that celebrates Australian sports as well as the history of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The museum has more than 3,500 artworks on display across a wide variety of exhibitions, including the three halls of fame, holograms of James Hird and Shane Warne, interactive experiences, Australian Gallery of Olympic and Sports Museum, as well as several temporary exhibitions.

Fun and excitement

The AFL tickets for all the remaining 2019 games are up for grabs with a lot of people buying. Watching a game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground is nothing close to watching it live on your TV. The atmosphere at the sporting venue is always incredibly lively whether it snows, shines, or rains. Even the biggest flat-screen TV with the most developed resolution cannot replicate the electricity in the atmosphere.

If an AFL sporting event is taking place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, you don’t have to let your partner or family down simply because it’s not yet payday and you can’t afford a couple of tickets to a sporting event. AFL tickets are usually cheaper than any other tickets to many different sporting events because the AFL clubs are considerate about your pockets and would like you to enjoy watching all their games with your eyes as opposed to watching them through your television.

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