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Why Metricon Stadium AFL Tickets Are Worth Your Purchase

Gold Coast Football Club, which fans fondly call the Suns or simply Gold Coast is a professional Aussie Rules football team which plays in the competitive AFL (Australian Football League). Since its official admission into the league, the club has been actively playing footy. Consequently, it is currently the AFL’s 17th active club, a feat that is commendable considering its recent entry into the league. Learn more about the Sun’s’ start by purchasing Metricon Stadium AFL Tickets from Ticketblaster and heading to its modern stadium.

About Metricon Stadium

Gold Coast was, in 2009, granted permission to join the league as an expansion club and played its maiden game in the 2011 season. What is an expansion club? The term refers to a new team in the league, mostly from a region that does not have one. The aim of this initiative, besides increasing the popularity of the sport, is to satisfy demands for a local team from the population of a given area. The club took full advantage of several concessions like extra selections and permission to recruit young players to put up a solid squad that is worth watching. So, get Metricon Stadium AFL Tickets now and watch the stars showcase their great talent.

Information on the stadium

The latest transformation of the club’s home ground (Metricon Stadium) resulted in a roomy future-proof property that is not only flexible but also adaptable. Subsequently, other than AFL games, the venue can comfortably host community events, major music concerts, and international cricket and athletics. Clearly, forward thinking played a major role in the design and construction of the stadium. The horseshoe-shaped design facilitates the effortless fitting of temporary stands for different events. You can be part of the thousands of fans watching entertaining footy in an ultra-modern facility; simply get Metricon Stadium AFL Tickets from and you will understand why AFL fanatics consider the site the ultimate ticketing platform. 

Gold Coast Football Club Unique Approach to AFL

The club’s management has a mission to create an open, all-inclusive team that features top levels of governance, the ultimate coaching strategies and the most competitive prices in the country. It, therefore, employs, remunerates appropriately and retains the best personnel, collaborate and sponsor businesses and partner with all the relevant authorities. The style is unique to the club and has played a major role in its rise in record time. Ticketblaster, in appreciation of the club’s revolutionary strategy, provides Metricon Stadium AFL Tickets for the Suns as well as other AFL teams.

Are the Tickets Worth Your Purchase?

Definitely, yes! From watching high-level Aussie Rules Football to connecting with the club’s appealingly inclusive approach, rest assured you will get value for your hard earned cash. The club has some of the best players in the league, the venue’s horseshoe design, on the other hand, ensures you have an irresistible view of the game. Make sure you get Metricon Stadium AFL Tickets from the most reliable source; Ticketblaster, who also sells tickets to all other AFL teams on one platform.

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