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Why You Should Buy Optus Stadium AFL Tickets from Ticketblaster

Optus Stadium is a 60, 000-capacity property featuring a fans-approach plan and technology based in Burswood suburbs in Perth, Western Australia. Completed in 2017, but officially opened in January 2018, the property is a multi-purpose venue. It, therefore, hosts footy as well as cricket, soccer, rugby league, rugby union among other sporting events. Two prominent AFL teams, Fremantle Football Clubs and West Coast Eagles play most of their matches at Optus Stadium. Optus Stadium AFL Tickets ( consequently allow you to witness firsthand the various entertainment happenings that attract thousands of fans from within and outside Perth.

Australian Rules Football

Australian Football, also called Aussie Rules, Australian Football or footy, a contact sport that involves two teams, each of eighteen players, playing against each other, enjoys massive popularity in Australia. During summer fanatics jam different stadiums to watch their favourite teams play. Unlike soccer, footy players are free to position themselves randomly on the field. They are also permitted to use any part of their bodies; main methods are, therefore, running with the ball, hand-balling, and kicking. You are not allowed to hold or throw the ball. The game-play is simply fascinating. Get your Optus Stadium AFL Tickets from Ticketblaster for more about the game.

The two teams that use the Stadium

1. Fremantle Football Club

Nicknamed the Dockers, this club plays professional football in the AFL. It was previously based at Freemantle at the outlet of the Swan River, hence the name. The Dockers has a long, colourful, lively and fascinating history in spite of the disappointing lack of success to date. Loyal fans seem to strongly believe the club’s future performance will not only conform to the vibrant history but also complement it. As the players strive to reward fans for their loyalty, they display brilliant game-play that is entertaining to watch. With Optus Stadium AFL Tickets you will have a chance to watch the players struggle to reward their ardent supporters.

2. West Coast Eagles

Based in Perth, West Coast Eagles was founded in the year 1986. It subsequently played its maiden AFL season the following year (1987). The club performed exemplary ever since, losing the grand final four years down the line to Hawthorn. It bounced back and claimed the title in 1992 and 1994 and was even applauded together with other great clubs of the 1990s. The team bounced back to its winning ways in 2006 to win the premiership, only to take a dive afterward. The plunge was so huge it finished last in 2010. Five years down the line it reached grand finale only to lose to Hawthorn one more time. IS the club going to dive or rise next? Get Optus Stadium AFL Tickets and find out.

Why visit the stadium

The tickets enable you to watch high-class Australian football in a modern stadium packed with enthusiastic fans. If you will be watching the game for the first time, you will be mesmerized a great deal. Enrich your summer weekend evenings by buying Optus Stadium AFL Tickets and taking your friends and loved ones to a match at the advanced venue. Ticketblaster, your ultimate ticketing platform sells tickets to this and many other AFL stadiums.

Fremantle Football Club and West Coast Eagles are two diverse teams that play most of their games on Optus Stadium. Mike McKenna, Optus Stadium CEO, revealed the stadium was specifically created to ensure improved viewing experience to everyone at the venue. So, acquire Optus Stadium AFL Tickets from Ticketblaster, a dependable platform and take advantage of this rare opportunity to watch a thrilling and exciting game at this unique stadium.


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