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Why You Should Consider Purchasing SCG AFL Tickets Every Year

The Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) is one of the premier entertainment and sporting venues in Sydney, Australia and a home to the Sydney Swans. The sporting ground is located at Moore Park, only two kilometers from the central business district and next to the popular restaurants, bars, shops, and cinemas of the Entertainment Quarter.

This historic stadium boasts a remarkable list of credentials, Australian Rules Football, encompassing cricket, rugby union, rugby league, cycling, soccer, baseball as well as the Commonwealth Games and big concerts like the Wave Aid concert and other major concerts by Elton John and Billy Joel, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones, Green Day, and Madonna.

The SCG sporting ground provides a good balance between the atmosphere of the big crowds and the intimacy with the field action. All these aspects, along with the location of the venue within the premier entertainment precinct in Australia, make visiting the popular Sydney Cricket Ground an incredibly special experience for all fans.

Background history

Located in Moore Park in the east of Sydney city, SCG is one of the most popular cricketing venues in the world. For a sports stadium in a major center, it has a fairly limited capacity of more than 40,000, but that has the direct advantage of ensuring that the spectators and fans are close to the in-field action from almost any point in the ground.

The limited capacity of the stadium is essentially the outcome of the extensions of seating over recent years to many parts of a sports ground now devoid of its long-standing hill and instead controlled by Churchill, O’Reilly, the Brewongle, Doug Walters and Noble Stands. Again, the green-roofed Ladies tower remains, and it’s still one of the most famous landmarks for cricket.

Previously referred to as the Garrison Ground, the Sydney Cricket Ground has hosted cricket games from as early as 1848. However, many other sports, especially football codes, have also established a presence in the playing surface to such an extent no less than a bicycle track ringed the sports ground, the period between the early 1890 and 1920s. The first game played by the Sydney Swans was in 1982. The game saw the Sydney Swans beat Melbourne by a total of 29 points and had approximately 15,764 spectators.

AFL at the Sydney Cricket Ground

SCG Stadium is used for a variety of purposes, but the Australian Football League and Sydney Swans play most of their games there. It’s irrefutable that AFL usually commands a huge following in Australia, and SCG is the closest thing that you can get to an ancient suburban football field, which creates a good atmosphere to watch your favorite AFL team.

Numerous fans purchase AFL tickets each year to watch many live matches at the Sydney Cricket Ground. There’s nothing as enjoyable and exciting as watching a game of live AFL football at the popular Sydney Cricket Ground. Regarded as one of the best sporting grounds in Australia, the sports ground is full of the history of many sporting legends, and the atmosphere is usually electric on an AFL game day.

Sporting Legends

Regardless of how much of the Sydney Cricket Ground is redeveloped, the stadium’s preservation of the historic Victorian towers always retains the spirit of the sports ground. The historic stadium is also popular due to the 11 statues of the sporting legends representing the different sports that have irradiated the Sydney Cricket Ground over the centuries, like cricketers Richie Benaud and Steve Waugh plus footballers Dally Messenger and Reg Gasnier.

Fans Love the Game

SCG tickets are usually a must for every Australian Rules Football fan. If you are in Sydney, SCG is one of the venues that you should not miss at all. This stadium is generally a world-class sporting ground that hosts a wide range of sports, including soccer, rugby, and many other international championships.

SCG Tickets are usually a treat for the entire family. These tickets are always up for grabs, with many people purchasing to watch AFL live games. You cannot compare watching AFL games at the Sydney Cricket Ground to watching them live on your television. The atmosphere at the sporting ground is always lively regardless of the weather. Best of all, AFL football is a family-friendly game and is an excellent way to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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