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Why You Should Get Carlton Blue Tickets

Aussie Rules is one of the best games, but it is often confusing to most people who don’t understand its technical aspects and rules of the game. It is mostly confused with rugby, but they have many differences regarding the rules. For instance, footy is played with 18 players on each side and it doesn’t have restrictions about which part of the body gets in touch with the ball. There are 18 teams competing in the AFL league. Getting Carlton Blues tickets will allow you to see some of these teams in action, especially one of the best ones, Carlton Blues.

The history of the Carlton Blues

Being one of the teams that joined the Australian Rules Football, Carlton Blues has undergone a lot of changes and growth to be in the position they are currently in. Since it was founded in 1864, the team has faced a lot of challenges and has had its ups and downs like most of their competitors. The large fan base they have had since their foundation is believed to be part of the reason, they are one of the top teams in the AFL, it is also a reason to get Carlton Blues tickets.

Founded in Carlton, an inner suburb of Melbourne, the club plays in the Australian Football League (previously the Victorian Football League) and was one of the league’s eight founding member clubs in 1897. Carlton has been one of the AFL’s most prominent clubs, having won sixteen senior VFL/AFL premierships.

The best experience

The number of loyal fans grows continuously as seen by the increase in membership every year. Although the team had a lot of local fans when it was founded, the number has increased tremendously over the years and the fan base has also extended to other regions. By 2016 they had over 50,000 fans and that number is believed to have grown over the last couple of years. The best way to enjoy what Carlton fans experience when watching their team is to get Carlton Blues tickets.

The players

Carlton Blues is one of the best teams in Aussie rules which makes them worth watching. The players put in all their effort and skills into winning the games, something that acts as a motivation to get Carlton Blues tickets. They have evolved over the years to become the best players they are today with each new signing bringing in more dedication and hard work thereby maintaining the winning streak.

The team has produced some of the best players such as Bert Deacon who was the first to win a Carlton Brownlow medal and Tom Carroll who was the first to win a Coleman medal. The team still has many young and energetic players who have the potential to win many more championships and the only way to see them in action is by getting Carlton Blues tickets.

Carlton Blues is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the AFL. One can never go wrong with Carlton Blues tickets as you’re guaranteed a lot of excitement and fun at any of their games. Getting a ticket is also easy since Ticketblaster AFL sells tickets to all AFL games and rounds. All you have to do is head over to their website and purchase one.

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